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Supporting the Local Community and Culture

Your Fijian adventure at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, Fiji is an immersive journey that embraces the rich tapestry of the local community. We’re dedicated to sustainability and celebrating vibrant cultural traditions, ensuring your experience goes far beyond the postcard-perfect.

We champion local employment, with 99% of our staff hailing from nearby villages. This strengthens our connection to the land and fosters economic growth.
From farm-fresh produce to handcrafted trinkets, we source directly from local farmers and artisans. Your stay sustains their livelihoods and showcases the island’s unique talents.

We actively support community projects, from painting classrooms and constructing kindergartens to building bridges and distributing essential supplies. Your stay directly impacts the lives of our neighbours.

We’re proud partners of the Savusavu Community Foundation, bringing world-class healthcare and education to Fijians. Your optional contribution of FJD$5 per night fuels crucial initiatives, from ophthalmology clinics to school supplies.

Together, we champion ocean conservation. Our partnership supports educational programmes like Project Reef Check, empowering communities to become stewards of their coral reefs.

Namena Marine Reserve is a pristine diving paradise that thrives thanks to our collaborative efforts. User-fee dive tags contribute to reef protection and scholarships for village children.

Immerse yourself in the heart of Fijian life with our weekly trips to the village of Nukubalavu where many of our staff live. Participate in “Fijian storytelling” sessions and learn about local customs before experiencing village life firsthand. We’ll guide you through traditional practices like “sevusevu” (seeking permission from the chief) and kava ceremonies, ensuring a culturally enriching and respectful experience.

We host vibrant cultural events showcasing traditional dance, music, and storytelling. These are a highlight of your stay, offering a glimpse into the soul of Fijian identity. Choosing Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, Fiji is a conscious choice for a vacation that benefits both the environment and the local community. Every step you take, every penny you contribute, ripples outward, creating a positive impact that lasts far beyond your visit.


Unforgettable encounters with our resident Marine Biologists

Embrace Fiji’s heart at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, Fiji, where coral champions like Johnny Singh guide your underwater adventures. Snorkel technicolour reefs, learn village wisdom, witness conservation impact.


Dedicated to protecting Fijian ecosystems

Recycle everything, nourish gardens with treated water, witness coral thriving in our marine reserve. Every step empowers locals, fuels healthcare, and preserves traditions.


Farm-to-table feasts from blooming gardens

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji, a pioneer in Eco-Luxury, champions sustainability, ecological preservation, and community education. An eco-environmental haven rooted in legacy, inspiring global change for our planet’s oceans.


A chorus of acclaim with prestigious awards

Each recognition echoes the resort's unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility and authentic Fijian experiences.

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji Awards

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