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Dive into an underwater realm of unparalleled biodiversity at world renowned dive sites

Drawing on the pioneering experience of both Jean-Michel and his father, Jacques Cousteau, the Jean-Michel Cousteau Dive Centre delivers unparalleled diving experiences and education. Whether embarking on a half-day 1-tank 10-meter day certification or pursuing a 3-day PADI qualification and masters-level certificate, our expert team provides an array of diving programmes for you and your family.

Explore group and private snorkelling opportunities at all dive locations. Our expert dive boat captains and personalised dive and snorkel buddies ensure a unique underwater adventure. With our on-call doctor providing fitness check-ups, both younger and older divers can be assured of qualifications for all programmes.


Ideal on a good day with the right current for Pelagics

You may have the opportunity to witness schools of barracudas, grey reef sharks, white tip sharks, and, if you’re fortunate, even a school of hammerhead sharks. The area features beautiful gorgonian seafans around the edge of the drop-off, with turtles gracefully cruising the surrounding waters. This site is best suited for experienced divers.


Renowned for vibrant microorganisms and colourful soft corals

Situated approximately 15-20 minutes inside Savusavu Bay, the two primary pinnacles are adorned with yellow soft corals, and the upper part of the reef is teeming with beautiful reef fishes. This site is suitable for divers of various experience levels. The planned depth is typically 18 meters (60 feet) with a maximum dive time of 45-50 minutes.


Guests from the age of 10 can embark on the unforgettable adventure of learning to dive

Get your fins wet and dive into the wonders of scuba exploration at Jean-Michel Cousteau Dive Centre with the PADI Discover Scuba™ Diving Experience. Our expert instructors guide you through the basics of scuba gear and essential underwater skills, offering a transformative journey for anyone aged 10 to 80.


Immerse yourself in extraordinary marine wonders at some of the Top 10 soft coral dive sites in the world

Embark on snorkeling adventures just off the pier or a short boat ride away. Fiji, renowned as the soft coral capital of the world, unfolds its underwater marvels within the resort’s protected marine area known as a “Tabu”. Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of marine life of endless drop-offs, vivid soft corals, and coral gardens supporting an abundance of fascinating sea creatures.


A glimpse of some of the finest coral gardens

Serving as the gateway to the outer barrier reef, this location boasts unique marine life, including our renowned magic coral that changes colour when disturbed, as well as anemones and Anemone Fish, commonly known as Nemo’s Cousin. The corals exhibit astonishing beauty, and the reef formations are distinctly unique as they form a protective barrier to the inner shallow reef.


Colourful reef fishes in just 2 metres of depth

Just 5 minutes away, this protected area is typically calm, offering an ideal setting to appreciate clams and a wide variety of marine creatures, making it a favourite for both novice and experienced snorkellers. Its proximity and generally calm conditions on most days enhance the appeal of this spot.


An intriguing location on the main barrier

Access to this spot can be weather-dependent, particularly influenced by strong winds and waves. On a favourable day, the master of disguise, the octopus, can be easily spotted. The reef top is adorned with hard corals such as plate corals, staghorns, boulders, and branching corals. As you are close to the deepest part of Fiji, the Koro Sea, you may have the opportunity to witness large marine life cruising by. The visibility is consistently remarkable owing to the reef’s topography.


Curated by our local Fijian naturalists, guided adventure excursions are thoughtfully crafted to bring smiles to every member of your family

Embark on exclusive guided excursions at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, Fiji and Savusavu’s enchanting surroundings. Local Fijians, passionate about ecology,
unveil a tapestry of history, culture, and stories. Explore diverse wildlife, flora, and geology, both on land and underwater.


Connecting with fitness and fun

Families, couples, solo explorers – paradise awaits. Kayaking, weaving, kava ceremonies, Meke dances – adventures beyond daily schedules. Fishing trips, eco-walks – endless discovery.


A community of eco-inspired craft

Treasured mementos woven into your island story. Fridays, the resort erupts with local crafts and village tales. Learn ancient arts, weave your own basket – experiences etched in your heart. Beyond souvenirs, an island embrace.


A chorus of acclaim with prestigious awards

Each recognition echoes the resort's unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility and authentic Fijian experiences.

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji Awards

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