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Where is the World’s Most Romantic Destination?

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort can offer you everything. Here are just five suggestions for romantic things to do with the person you love while staying with us.

  1. Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort offers a nearby private island which you can have all to yourselves. If that wasn’t enough, a meal can be prepared, delivered, and set for you there. With champagne on ice, the luxury of privacy, feel free to lay together, listening to the gentle waves beat against the shore as palm trees sway above. Romance to remember.
  2. Visit a waterfall and hold each other as the fresh water falls upon you, nudging you downstream in each other’s arms.
  3. Be among tropical fish and colourful coral. Learn to Scuba Dive or you can snorkel across the surface and explore the exquisite and vibrant underwater world among some of the world’s finest dive sites. Be hand in hand under warm water and experience so much for the first time.
  4. Luxurious spa treatments are awesome, but are they romantic? Yeah, completely. What is better than laying in each others arms after being pampered, completely relaxed, lightly oiled, fully comfortable with the person you have chosen.
  5. Indulge in taste sensations. Meals and cocktails served at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort make full use of the local exotic ingredients. There are unusual and strange sounding foods you haven’t tried before prepared by master chefs blending perfectly foods you know and love with something exciting and new.

The ultimate romantic destination requires privacy and a quality service. Jean-Michel Cousteau’s award-winning service is proven and the convenience of Fijian’s speaking English in addition to their mother tongue shouldn’t be understated. Romance is stymied by confusion and misunderstanding. You don’t want frustration, you want to go where you can get what you want when you want it presented as you asked for. Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is here for you.

Romance shouldn’t be limited to couples traveling on their own. Arguably, those most deserving of the ultimate romantic experience are those who have already spent years together. If you have raised each other’s children and have been so involved with each other for so long than you forget to appreciate one another, you deserve perfection. This means you ought to be even more mindful of making use of this opportunity to celebrate your love and commitment to one another while away.

That’s why one of the best parts of the private island getaway might be that it also comes with the inclusive kids club (which is essentially the greatest childcare service you’ve known) where you can be confident in the safety and happiness of your little ones while equally confident that won’t interrupt you. You deserve this and it is available to you, so treat yourselves.

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort has a special offers available for our guests seeking romance:

Romance Package: Pay for four nights and receive two free nights!

The person you love can be served with peace, quiet, sun, sand and more excellent choices than you have time for.  Visit Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort in Fiji.

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