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What to see when you go diving at Jean Michel-Cousteau Resort

The 5 star Fiji resort of Jean Michel-Cousteau is privileged to have the world class Namena Reserve dive site on the shores of the resort's pearly white beach.

Visitors of the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort have the opportunity to get up close and personal to the incredible marine life – whether a beginner or an experienced diver – in one of Fiji's top diving spots.

From night diving to certified beginners courses, there are plenty of packages and opportunities to see some of the best marine life. Here's a snippet into some of the things you can find under the waves of the Namena Reserve.

What will you see?

With over 4000 square miles of coral reef spanning Fiji and its islands, diving encounters promise to be unique and different every single time. In just a 40 minute boat ride, yourself and the other small team of divers will be plunging into crystal clear waters ready to join the abundant marine life.

If it's colour that you're after, the Namena Reserve has it all. Find blue-ribbon eels, red snapper and soft corals depicting every hue of the rainbow – over 400 to be precise.

Every stroke rewards you with highly saturated ocean scenes, that could be straight out of a Pixar animation. Like a scene from Finding Nemo, discover Palette Surgeonfish (Dory) and Clown Fish (Nemo) flitting in and out of coral and plant life.

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Get your camera ready

If you're after bigger fish to fry, the Namena Reserve is known to deliver on the larger end of the fish scale, too. The dive site happens to be a popular, migratory pathway for cetaceans such as Bottlenose and Spinner dolphins along with Sperm, Minke and Humpback whales! Be sure to have your GoPro at the ready for unmissable moments and photo opportunities.

Sharks can also be spotted but do not fear, the species which reside in the waters are extremely shy and are more scared of you, than you of them! If you're eagle eyed, you might find Hammerheads, White-tip and Grey reef sharks. Tiger, Bull and Silver-tip sharks are not uncommon either, but again, you'll have to be vigilant.

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A firm favourite of divers in the Namena Reserve are the turtles which can sometimes be spotted here. Four of the world's seven species of turtle can be found in Fiji and these creatures aren't scared of a friendly selfie or two.

With such a recognised piece of paradise on the doorstep of the Jean Michel-Cousteau Resort, exploring this dive site couldn't be easier. For more information on our extensive packages, click here.


A chorus of acclaim with prestigious awards

Each recognition echoes the resort's unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility and authentic Fijian experiences.

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