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What makes the people of Fiji so happy?

We don't just think Fijians are the happiest people in the world, we know it! After speaking to 54,000 people from 55 countries, the results of a Gallup study found 92 per cent of Fijians to be happy or very happy with their lives, placing them in the number one spot.

So, what's the secret to their happiness? We think we have a few ideas…

The unbeatable community spirit

Whether immediate family or neighbours, the bond Fijian people share is enviable. Due to Fiji being comprised of predominantly smaller villages, residents are able to maintain strong connections with others living there, resulting in unbreakable ties and a tight-knit community like no other.

Fijians often share child care duties and ensure that the elderly are well looked after and respected. Resources are shared to ensure no one ever goes without, and in times of hardship, people pull together to confirm just how strong Fiji's community spirit really is.

At the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort you'll experience this hospitality first hand and see how our staff bend over backwards to ensure all guests have the best time possible. Here's what past guests had to say on TripAdvisor:

"Staff were outstanding and made my partner and I feel at home from the moment we arrived", said one reviewer. Another followed with, "The setting is beautiful and the staff is filled with truly the nicest people on the planet." 

Find out what makes the people of Fiji so happy.Experience the incredible hospitality of Fiji when staying at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort.

Stunning scenery and enviable climate conditions

if you regularly woke up to shimmering oceans, palm-dripped beaches and balmy blue skies we think you'd be pretty happy too! Not only is Fiji home to some of the world's finest landscapes, it's also a haven for warmer weather.

A healthy exposure to sunlight is believed to increase the brain's production of serotonin (these are the neurotransmitters responsible for making a person feeling happier), and with Fiji receiving annual temperatures of 24.9 degrees Celsius on average, it's not surprise that Fijians are in such good moods!

Tropical flavours and fantastic food

Succulent fresh fish, tropical fruits and Asian-inspired curries are just some of the delicious delights synonymous with the cuisine of Fiji. The majority of these food items are locally grown and sourced, meaning that many Fijians get to enjoy feasting on such incredible ingredients every single day. And if that's not enough to make anyone smile and lick their lips, we don't know what will! 

Here at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, guests can enjoy dining on authentic South Pacific fare from breakfast right through to dinner, and trust us you'll never go hungry! 

There's no better place to experience the happiest country in the world than at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort. Find out how we can make your trip to Fiji one to remember by getting in touch today


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Each recognition echoes the resort's unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility and authentic Fijian experiences.

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