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What is traditional Fijian massage?

No one knows how to relax and unwind better than Fijian locals – they seem perpetually at ease. However, the island nation also has a rich history which has blessed locals with colourful traditions and rituals. 

Traditional Fijian massage effortlessly combines the Fijian knack for relaxation and this culture to create something truly special and unique. 

What are the origins of traditional Fijian massage?

There are over 100 inhabited islands in Fiji spread out over 194,000sq kilometres throughout the Pacific Ocean. In the past many of these islands did not have access to western medicine, instead using their own traditional healing techniques passed down generation after generation. 

Traditional Fijian massage is one such technique. In the past, and even today, work on Fiji's remote islands is hard and physical – watch a local climb a coconut tree and you'll agree! If the muscles ache after a hard day working locals head to their village's masseuse to ease their pain.

While the technique itself is often different from island to island, the end result is the same – complete and utter relaxation. 

What are the benefits of Fijian massage?

Some Fijian massage involves deep tissue massage using the edges of the feet, a technique that's more effective at loosening muscles than most that use hands and elbows. 

Others use locally sourced, natural ingredients such as nut and coconut oil, along with long rhythmic strokes of the hands. Fragrant tropical aromas and deep tissue massage creates a feeling of bliss that has to be felt to be believed. However, a true modern Fijian spa experience combines the best of all of the island nation's techniques to provide a massage unlike any other. The end goal is to ease tension, loosen muscles, detoxify the body and enable relaxation.

To find out more about traditional Fijian massage techniques and to experience ultimate relaxation for yourself, why not book a stay at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort today?


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