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Three incredible day trips to take from Vanua Levu Island

Fiji's second largest island, Vanua Levu, is certainly one of the nation's most beautiful locales. Pristine coral reefs, thick green jungle, powder white beaches and calm blue waters aren't all it's got to offer, however. Thanks to the beautiful natural environment, there's so much to do here.

We picked three of our favourite Vanua Levu day trips to give you an idea of the intrepid adventures waiting for you on the island.

1. Discover unexplored reefs off Namenalala Island

Fiji is widely recognised as the soft coral capital of the world and one of the best locations for diving. If you want to experience the best of the best, go snorkeling and diving at Vanua Levu and Savusavu Bay, where the 200 km-long great sea reef converges, alongside countless other coral deposits. 

Whether you're a keen diver or just a learner, take a day trip to small island 20 minutes to the south of Savusavu and you'll find Namenalala Island. This tiny paradise is fringed by endless drop-offs, rainbow coloured soft corals and an abundance of marine life. If you're lucky you'll see sharks, tuna and mantas coming in from the Koro Sea. 

2. Tour a pearl farm and learn how they're made

Just a few minutes boat ride across the calm Pacific Ocean from Vanua Levu is the country's first commercial pearl farm that produces some of the world's rarest and most coveted jewels. Book a tour at J. Hunter Pearls Fiji to witness these underwater treasures being made.

The tour will start in the showroom with a quick explanation of the pearl culturing process and how it has been adapted to suit the Fiji environment. Following that, guests are whisked away to tour the farm and witness its day-to-day operations. 

If you're lucky enough to come during seeding season (April, May, October and November), you might even see highly experienced Japanese pearl technicians performing surgical operations on the pearl oysters to start the culturing process. 

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3. Get lost on your on private island

If you need some time to yourself, or with someone special, why not book your own private island and relax on its perfect white sand beaches? We're serious! Naviavia is the Jean-Michel Cousteau resort's private island, available for bookings for full or half day excursions.

This perfect little paradise is around an acre in size, and all you can hear when you're relaxing on its beaches is the warm Pacific Ocean lapping on its shores. To find out more about the incredible adventures available to you on Vanua Levu or to make it your home for a week – make a booking at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort today. 


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