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Teach your kids these 10 phrases for your holiday in Fiji

When you're planning a family holiday, you're highly likely to place extensive research into finding the best accommodation, the area's attractions and the best time of year to go. However, learning a few simple phrases from the destination in question is a great way to get more out of your trip and immerse yourselves completely in the local culture.

Here at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, we're not only experts in providing the best family friendly Fiji holidays, we're also passionate about the culture which surrounds our beachfront resort.

Here are some of the most popular and useful phrases for you and your kids to learn before arriving in Fiji.

1. Bula – Pronounced 'buu-laa', this common Fiji phrase translates to 'hello/welcome.' A great time to say this is when meeting our friendly team at The Bula Club! If you're not yet familiar with our in-house kids club, now's the time to be.

Complimentary for children under the age of 12, it's an opportunity for your kids to meet friends whilst on holiday while taking part in heaps of fun activities and adventures, all under the watchful eyes of our buddies and nannies. As they enjoy our kid-friendly facilities, take some time off relaxing at our adult only pool.

If you decide to head out on our excursion to the traditional Fijian village, the correct way to address the chief is 'Ni Sa Bula Vinaka Saka.'

2. Vacava tiko? – This means 'how are you?' – Practise saying it out loud as 'Vaka-tha-va tiko' following on from 'bula'.

3. Moce – Another useful and extremely easy word to say while enjoying your trip translates to 'goodbye' and is pronounced 'mo-they.'

4. Vinaka – Translating to 'thank you' and pronounced 'vinahka', this common Fijian word is useful to say when someone has done something for you.

5. Kerekere – Teaching children the importance of manners, no matter where they are is nothing but a good thing. Meaning please and said as 'kerry-kerry', it's a handy word to know.

Your kids will have so much fun at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort.Your kids will have so much fun at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort.

6. Io – Short, but sweet, this translates to 'yes' and is pronounced as 'Ee-yo.'

7. Sega – Following on from yes, you guessed it, this means 'no.' Say it out loud as 'senga.'

8. Kana Vinaka – Translating to 'the food is very good' and pronounced 'kahna vinahka', say this phrase after finishing your delicious dinners at the resort.

9. Ni sa moce – Pronounced 'ni sah mothay', this simply means 'goodbye/goodnight.'

10. Sota tale – Said as 'soh-tah-tah-lay', this means 'see you again', to which we look forward to having you back for another spectacular stay at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort.

For more information on how we can make your 5-star family holiday in Fiji the best yet, click here.


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