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Planning the perfect proposal on your Fiji holiday

When you propose to the love of your life, you're going to want it to be perfect. You don't get a second chance to pop the big question, so why not make it a memorable moment with the beautiful Fiji as the backdrop? 

There's no better time to get down on one knee than during a luxury couples holiday on the blissful shores of Vanua Levu island, which is why we're bringing you some inspiration from Fiji to help you prepare the perfect proposal.

Before you go 

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If you've picked out a ring before you board your flight, one of the biggest challenges is getting the ring to Fiji without your other half finding it. With all the bustle of packing for a trip, going through airport security and finally arriving at your suite at the Jean-Michel Cousteau resort, it's easy to lose track of where you are stowing your precious cargo and whether your partner might be able to stumble upon it. 

Often the shape of the box is a dead giveaway, so consider swapping it – the secret engagement ring case designed by Andrew Zo is an ingenious invention that hides the sparkler in a slim case that you can pop into your wallet. Voila!

The adventurous proposal 

Now that you've arrived in Fiji (surprise hopefully still in tact), it's time to choose the right setting. If you and your partner love to explore and discover new sights, one of our guided excursions could be just the ticket for your proposal opportunity. 

Here at the Jean-Michel Cousteau resort, we offer a number of complimentary excursions, one of which is our Rainforest and Waterfall Tour. Together, you'll go on a short hike through the lush rainforest to arrive at a secluded waterfall. With the water cascading down and birds singing in the trees, it makes for a magical location to ask a very special question.

The private island proposal

While you can enjoy a range of deluxe commodities at the resort, we have a special experience to offer that is found just a short boat ride away. Sail across azure waters to the secluded Naviavia Island, where you can steal your love away to the golden shores of your very own private island. 

Yours for the morning, or the entire day, Naviavia is truly a little piece of paradise that you'll have all to yourselves. With a packed picnic to enjoy, as well as beach necessities to enjoy snorkelling and lazing on the sand, all you have to worry about is how you're going to pop the question.

The romantic dinner proposal

Take advantage of our world class spa facilities during the day to unwind and soothe some of those pre-proposal jitters before booking your spot at the best seats in the house. 

As one of our most special dining experiences, you can reserve the pier for a romantic dinner experience unlike any other. With Savusavu Bay and the distant horizon as your stage, you can enjoy a delicious meal created by our Executive Chef, Raymond Lee, with a dedicated server to attend to you throughout the evening.  

Whether you gather up your courage after a toast to your wonderful holiday, or you want to conceal the ring in a champagne glass, we'd be happy to help facilitate this exciting moment! 

Dreaming of a wedding in Fiji?

Fiji is not only a stunning place to pop the question, it's also a beautiful place for a wedding. If you come to the end of your romantic couples vacation and you've left a piece of your hearts on the shores of Savusavu Bay, we'd love to welcome you back for your wedding day. For more information, don't hesitate to reach out and talk to our helpful team.


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