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Is it time for a remote work escape in Fiji?

It's no secret that we'd all like to indulge ourselves with an island escape every now and then, however, work and life often gets in the way. Luckily, some employees have the ability to take their work on the road with them. Thanks to the internet, many tasks can be carried out anywhere in the world – even on the sun-kissed, relaxing beaches of the tropics. Is it time for a remote work escape in Fiji?

Remote workAn escape from the office is always a good idea – try taking your work to the heat of the tropics.

What is remote working?

The term "remote work" is used to describe work that is carried out outside the confines of an office. In it's first iterations, this meant working from home, or perhaps a local cafe. Now, remote working transcends time zones, with certain professions allowing employees to work by the seaside, on snowy mountains or on the other side of the world, provided there's a strong internet connection.

This flexible work arrangement is increasing in popularity. An International Workplace Group study showed that almost half of Australian workers work remotely for half a week. The same study reflected the allure of remote work, with 69 per cent of millennial opting to trade other work benefits in favour of flexibility.

Family time in FijiA remote working escape allows you to spend quality time with family in an exciting environment.

What are the benefits of a remote work escape?

An escape to a tropical destination like Fiji brings many benefits to the stressful work life of a busy employee.

Regulating sleep

The reality for many employees is that they find themselves working beyond office hours, sometimes into the night to get tasks done. A remote working excursion to Fiji provides you with the perfect excuse to reset and regulate your working clock.

If you start work at sunrise, around 6.30 a.m. local time, you'll still get to enjoy the warmth of the Fijian air, finishing early for a relaxing afternoon. Furthermore, working hard during the day gives you plenty of time to enjoy what Fiji has to offer in the evenings.

Quality time

Even if you're busy typing away during the week, a remote working holiday allows you to spend quality time with your family in an incredibly dynamic environment. After getting your tasks done, consider going on a snorkeling excursion with the kids, or sit down for a cosy family dinner – with remote work, your time is yours to allocate.

What are you waiting for? If you're ready to book your escape to the Jean Cousteau-Michel Resort, get in touch with our friendly team.


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