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Have you experienced yoga in paradise?

Namaste and welcome to paradise. At the five-star luxury Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, relax and re-centre the mind, body and soul by joining one of our complimentary early morning yoga sessions.

Get ready to drift away from daily distractions and into new found euphoria. 

Operate on island time

Upon arriving at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, you'll soon discover that everyone operates on what we call 'island time'. This simply means that we take things nice and slow and create a carefree environment that our guests soon pick up on.

Our complimentary sunrise yoga sessions contribute to this relaxed vibe and revive you for a day of fun in the sun. Waking up early has never felt so good!

"I spent my mornings up early worshiping the ocean with yoga…the best way to unwind," revealed one past guest on TripAdvisor. 

That's why they call it beginner's luck

When visiting a holiday destination like the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, there are endless opportunities to try new things and get involved in incredible adventures that you may not have experienced anywhere else before.

If you can't resist the insatiable allure of sunrise yoga by the shimmering Savusavu Bay, but you're new to the art of yoga, you're in luck. Our expert instructors are on hand to guide you through each and every move so you can learn this incredible art form safely and properly, in the best of hands. Their teachings will stay with you for years to come, so you can continue reaping the benefits of yoga and meditation.

Sessions run from 7am daily, and guests wanting to join can meet outside the Bula Club Pavillion.

Discover yoga like you've never seen it before.Get ready to practise yoga in paradise.

Yoga in paradise and in privacy

If yoga is something that you practise regularly and your skill level is more advanced, our five-star resort also offers one-on-one sessions for those after a little more privacy.

Just like our complimentary group yoga classes, those who choose our one-on-one sessions will also have an expert instructor on hand to lead the various positions and sequences. They also share the same, breathtaking views of the calm waters and surrounding bay.

These private sessions incur a separate cost and can be booked with a member of staff.

Our five-star resort also offers one-on-one sessions for those after a little more privacy.

Unwind in our luxury, five-star eco spa

For more relaxation and luxury, make use of our on-site beachfront spa bures and South Pacific treatments

Prepare to indulge in exquisite wraps, massages and therapies, all using natural oils and lotions crafted from locally sourced ingredients such as wild mint, aloe and coconut oil. All remedies used are passed down through generations, with the healing of both the body, mind and soul at the core of their creation.

Discover a world of relaxation at the Fiji Resort.Get ready to indulge in eco-friendly South Pacific treatments.

If you're ready to feel nothing but relaxation on your luxury Fijian holiday, speak to a member of staff about what we can do for you. 


A chorus of acclaim with prestigious awards

Each recognition echoes the resort's unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility and authentic Fijian experiences.

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji Awards


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