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Fun family activities to do on your Fiji holiday


Whisking the family away on a luxurious Fiji holiday can be both fun and relaxing. And while your young ones might be whirlwinds of energy, at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort we also understand that you might need some quiet relaxation time.

Because of this we created the Bula Club, where your children are well taken care of while you enjoy some rest. However, for those days you want to be active with the entire family, we have a myriad of fun, family-friendly activities:

Take the kids for a paddle boarding adventure.Take the kids for a paddle boarding adventure.

1. Nakawaga waterfall

Fiji’s jungle is filled with hidden gems, including the Nakawaga waterfall. A result of fast-flowing rivers, the water shoots through the volcanic terrain, making for a stunning sight after a hot and humid walk through the forest.

Both parents and kids will love splashing around in the cool water – it’s a fun day activity that’ll stay in your memories even after you return home.

2. Paddle boarding

If your family likes to be active, you can enjoy exploring the shoreline of Savusavu Bay together as you go paddle boarding together. Test your balance and introduce the children to the breathtaking scenery while having the excitement of physical activity.

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3. Namena Marine Reserve

Splash around with your family at the Namena Marine Reserve and dive or snorkel in the epitome of Fiji water experiences. The crystal-clear water offers spectacular insight into the underwater world, where you can discover trevalis, sharks and turtles.

The experience of riding the currents with the Jean-Michel Cousteau Dive Masters is not only a beautiful experience but an unforgettable one at that.

4. Glass bottom boat

If your children aren’t ready to go diving just yet, we also have an option to discover the marine life while remaining dry. Watch as the diverse sealife passes by from the comfort of our glass bottom boat cruising through the bays.

The colours and lively temperament of the local sea life will get the children excited and leave you marvelling at the wonders of nature.

5. Flora Tropica Gardens

With more than 300 species of palm trees from around the world, the sheer volume of tropical flora at the gardens will amaze you. The young ones can delight at the sound of birds that are attracted by the many different flowers and fruit trees.

Guided tours will give you an insight into the stunning gardens that are spread across five acres of creek flats and hillsides. Both adults and children will go away from this activity with a new appreciation for the varied shrubs, orchids, water lilies, heliconias and over 40 fruit trees on show.

6. Traditional Fijian stories

For a more cultural experience, we recommend taking the family on a storytelling adventure. At the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, you have the opportunity to sit with one of the local elders and delve into 3,000 years of history and myth.

Sucked into the ancient legends and folklore of the Islands, the whole family is in for a treat during this exciting adventure.

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7. Savusavu’s hot springs

The local town of Savusavu is known for many things, including its weekend market and hot springs. Amidst the stunning shore, these particular springs showcase the geothermal activity of Fiji that has lasted through the centuries.

Don’t be fooled though, while the locals come to cook at the quietly simmering pools, the springs were actually geysers in the late 19th Century!

Treat yourself and the family to an all inclusive holiday at a 5 star Fiji resort that caters to your every need. Get in touch to make a booking with our friendly staff at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort today.


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