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Fun beach games to play with the whole family

With some of the most family friendly, clean and pristine beaches on the doorstep of our 5 star Fiji resort, having fun in the sun has never been easier! Just a shell's throw away from your accommodation at Jean-Michel Cousteau is a great stretch of Savusavu sand waiting for you and your family.

When you need a break from catching rays, why not try your hand at this list of fun beach games for the whole family?

Sand mermaids/merman

Building sand castles is an age old tradition that every child and adult has partaken in over the years. Step it up a notch and turn those sand castles into life-size mysteries of the ocean – mermaids and mermen! Use seaweed for hair, shells for scales and other natural items found on the beach for your projects. Give your mermaid a name, create an adventurous story and don't forget to snap a selfie with your mer-crew once done.

Water bucket relay

Inspired by another classic, the water bucket relay takes its concept from the egg and spoon race. Super simple to play, all you'll need are four players, two buckets and two cups or other utensils capable of holding small amounts of water. Nominate two of the four players to hold the bucket on top of their heads and the other two to be the carriers of the water. The kids may find it more fun to do the latter because children love to race! The bucket holders must line up about 10 – 15 metres from the ocean and the carriers must race back and forth between the sea, using their cups to transport water to the buckets. The winners are the ones whose bucket is filled first! Word of warning, prepare to get wet!

Have fun in the sun with our list of beach games.Have fun in the sun with our list of beach games.

Beach ball race

This game isn't restricted to a certain amount of players and in fact, the bigger the teams, the merrier! Find a section of the beach that has a slight slope into the water and from there, prepare to scoop some sand! Each team is given one ping pong ball and must dig a channel from the starting point with the aim of filling said tunnel with water to get the ping pong ball into the sea! The winners are the first ones to travel their ball into the ocean. Get ready to catch your ping pong ball at the end to not lose it to the waves!

Keeping up with the little ones' energy can be a tough feat at times. Why not let our trusted team of nannies and buddies take the reigns in our renowned Bula Kids Club? It's a fantastic way for children to make friends and have their own adventures, while you enjoy a well needed break by the pool. For more information on this complimentary service, visit the Jean-Michel Cousteau site.


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