Learn all about Fiji's rich culture.

Before embarking on a romantic Fiji getaway, it's important to understand just how important culture and tradition is to the locals. The Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is proud to encompass these great beliefs and we hope that our guests will enjoy learning and immersing themselves in them too.

A history of Fiji

Fiji is thought to have been discovered by the great chief Lutunasobasoba, who led his people across the seas to this new island, according to Fiji High Commission. Here, the Melanesians and Polynesians came together, before the accidental arrival of the Europeans in 1643. Abel Tasman and Captain James Cook were the explorers who stumbled across Fiji before continuing their journey to other countries.

From here the Indians and Australians followed, creating the diverse and multicultural country Fiji is today.

Abel Tasman and Captain James Cook were the explorers who stumbled across Fiji in the 17th century.

Find culture around every corner

As Fiji was inhabited around 3500 years ago, there's a great deal of culture on the 330 islands in the archipelago, including Vanua Levu – home to the best Fiji resort. We work to incorporate as many historic traditions into the running of our paradise island getaway, such as the Lovo feast. 

Lovo is a cooking method that has been around for hundreds of years. It involves wrapping ingredients such as taro, other root vegetables and meat in banana leaves before placing into an underground oven. This ensures all food items are cooked slowly and to utter perfection. We practise this Fijian cooking method at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort every week – giving our guests a true taste of Fiji.

Indulge in a traditional Lovo feast during your stay.Indulge in a traditional Lovo feast during your stay.

Another way in which the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort brings you closer to culture and tradition is through our complimentary excursion to the local village of Nukubalavu. Here you'll interact with the local community and even the staff of the resort, as many live here. Prepare for a warm welcome like no other as you learn how the villagers live. Watch traditional dance and singing performances – all while tapping your feet along to the catchy rhythm.

In the evening, our staff practise the traditional Kava ceremony. Kava is made from a local plant and is drank at most gatherings and ceremonies. It's a well known custom and one that may be offered to you during your stay on the island. It is deemed polite to accept and try the offering.

Enjoy a luxury couples vacation in Fiji, full of culture, fun and incredible history. Contact the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort today to see what we can do for you.

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