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Easy ways to keep healthy on your Fiji holiday

Going on holiday is about spending time doing things you enjoy. Whether that be relaxing by the pool or indulging in local cuisine, it's your time to do exactly what you desire. For some, staying fit and active whilst away is just as important, and here at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, we have the facilities and activities to help.

Spend time swimming

Apart from being a fun and popular sport, swimming is a great way to stay healthy and enjoy a full body workout. It works at toning and strengthening muscles, building endurance and maintaining a healthy heart. Luckily for our guests, this activity isn't so hard to come by as our five star Fiji resort is surrounded by swimming friendly and clean, clear waters just a short stroll away from all accommodation. The Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort also has an adult-only pool – perfect for lengths without the waves. 

Enjoy maintaining a healthy lifestyle at the Jean Michel-Cousteau Resort.Enjoy maintaining a healthy lifestyle at the Jean Michel-Cousteau Resort.

Other water activities to get amongst

The waters of Savusavu deliver endless room for activities that can help provide a little more adventure to your luxury couples vacation in Fiji. Apart from swimming, why not hop in one of the resort's complimentary kayaks and explore the shore of the island? Known to improve cardiovascular fitness and increase muscle strength in the arms and back, kayaking is a fun and easy way to get some exercise into your holiday routine.

Paddleboarding is widely regarded as the fastest growing aquatic sport in the world according to sports magazines globally and you can experience the fun for yourself, right here at the resort. If you're feeling adventurous and confident, try your hand at stand up paddleboarding, which uses the core muscles to keep balance, legs for stabilisation and arm muscles for paddling through the water. Kneeling paddleboarding, although lower impact, still requires a degree of work and delivers great results.

Volleyball is great for improving reflexes, balance and muscle tone.Volleyball is great for improving reflexes, balance and muscle tone.

On land activities to enjoy

If you'd rather keep yourself dry and water sports to a minimum, don't worry there are still plenty of equally incredible exercise activities to get stuck into on land. Channel your inner Williams or Murray and take to the on-site tennis court to really get that heart thumping. A reported 7 per cent of the entire Australian population play tennis, according to a Roy Morgan study, and with health benefits of improving metabolic function and lowering body fat, it's no surprise why.

With finely-grained, clean white sands at the resort's edge, where better to partake in a game of volleyball than here? Playing 45 minutes can burn up to 585 calories according to Athletico and works to strengthen muscles and improve reflexes and balance. 

When exercising, be sure to take the time to cool down and relax. Thankfully, as the best Fiji resort on the island, you'll have no trouble winding down in our tranquil settings and spa.


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