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Discover the pearls of the sea with your partner in Fiji

What could be better than spending a romantic getaway with your partner at a 5 star Fiji resort? That's right, exploring some of Fiji's most intriguing sites together.

To make your stay as enjoyable as possible, we provide an array of traditional Fijian cuisine, beach-side spa treatments and activities at the Jean-Michel Cousteau resort. We also offer a number of excursions for those who feel like venturing beyond for a day.

One of the most stunning excursions is a guided tour of the J. Hunter Pearls farm in Savusavu Bay:

The rare pearls of Fiji

Famous for their vibrant colours, Fiji's pearl hues are unlike anything else found in other pearling regions across the globe. From warmer colours such as champagne, copper, burgundy and Fiji-chocolate to colder shades like green, purple or silver-grey, these pearls are pure beauty. 

More than that, with only 25,000 harvested each year, these are the rarest pearls in the world. This is because the Fijian Peal Oyster (Pinctada margaritifera typica) is very difficult to farm and source. The limited number of oysters that do exist are known for their earthy shell exterior, orange body and dazzling pearls, which can be between 9-18 millimetres. 

What to expect on the tour

J. Hunter Pearls is only a short distance away from the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, so there are no long travel periods. The tour itself will give you an insight into the rich history of pearling in Fiji, taking you on a journey through the origins of commercial pearl farming in the region.

After you arrive at the farm, your tour guide will briefly explain the culturing process, particularly how working with the local community has helped to adapt pearling practices to the unique environment in Fiji.

Then, you'll experience the day-to-day operations on the farm as you take in the stunning backdrop of Savusavu Bay from a boat. Since pearling activities vary throughout different times of the year, not every tour be the same – something that adds a special touch to the experience.

While on the tour, you and your partner can marvel at the pearl oysters that are suspended on 200-metre-long lines as deep as five metres below the water surface. 

Depending on the weather, and if you feel like getting up close with the rare beauties, we suggest your bring snorkelling gear as you are able to take a dip at the farm site. To take this adventure to the next level, you may also want to request a visit to the giant clam site where you can swim over some of the world's most impressive, endangered bivalve mollusks. 

Twice a year, between April-May or October-November, visitors are able to witness either the seeding season or pearl harvest. The seeding operation involves the observation of an experienced Japanese pearl technician who starts the culturing process to create a Fijian pearl. During the harvest, you can look on as each pearl is removed from a host oyster. 

Finally, at the end of the tour you'll find yourself at the showroom where you started. Here, you are able to buy loose pearls or jewellery from the J. Hunter farm before heading back to the resort. 

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For an unforgettable romantic holiday with your partner, choose nothing but the best Fiji resort. Get in touch for more information on how the team at Jean-Michel Cousteau can make your Fiji vacation the ultimate getaway. 


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