Discover the many culinary delights created by our Executive Chef, Raymond Lee. Chef Lee sources fresh, seasonal ingredients from the local area and other regions of Fiji. He also grows many herbs, fruits, vegetables and edible flowers in our Organic Garden on the resort’s grounds. His creations are principally Fijian but are influenced by his Asian heritage and his international travels that have afforded him a broad repertoire. The result is a wonderfully eclectic array of dishes that will become one of the many highlights of your stay.


Paradise has never tasted so good…

dining table


Dining on the shore of Savusavu Bay is a truly unique experience. The combination of exotic culinary offerings, the extensive, eclectic wine list, and the spectacular views over the water and the mountains beyond make it second to none.

We find that couples and families feel most at ease in different parts of the dining room. To accommodate these preferences we have created separate areas but, at the same time, everyone shares the same stunning views of Savusavu Bay in the daytime and the magically illuminated pool and the long pier stretching into the bay at night.


A favourite of many of our guests is to reserve the pier or one of our secluded beach-side dining decks for a private dining experience. For a special occasion during your stay, dining under the stars overlooking the waters of Savusavu Bay in the company of a loved one, or the whole family is unforgettable.

One of our staff will be dedicated to serving only you that night. A spectacular dining experience not to be missed…

night dining pier
chef outside


The traditional Fijian “Lovo” feast is a remarkable festive event celebrated every week at the resort. The principal delicacies are prepared in a fire pit with hot embers covered with banana leaves. This slow cooking method is the key to the tender traditional dishes which have been prepared countless times over the centuries. The recipes are handed down generation to generation. The whole feast is meticulously orchestrated by Executive Chef, Raymond Lee and presented in a tantalizing buffet guaranteed to excite the most discerning of palates.


The Bula Boys, our traditional Fijian guitar group, will serenade you the entire evening with their lilting melodies.


In the evening the Lounge Bar becomes the place to gather. It’s a time to share your day’s experiences with friends, family or perhaps some new friends.

A seemingly never-ending selection of cocktail creations are expertly prepared by our friendly staff.