Considered to be one of the top ten dive sites in the entire world, the Namena Marine Reserve is just a short 40-minute boat ride from the resort.


Unparalleled biodiversity. The Namena Marine Reserve is home to thousands of species of fish, invertebrates and hundreds of species of corals and marine plants. Namena is a migratory pathway for cetaceans; you may encounter species such as bottlenose and spinner dolphins, or pilot, minke, sperm, and humpback whales.


Namena offers a wide variety of diving experiences. While staying at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, the chance to dive at Namena is an opportunity of a lifetime!


Under the direction of Jean-Michel Cousteau, our PADI-certified scuba diving excursions explore excellent dive sites just 10-20 minutes away by boat. If you’ve never tried scuba diving before, our half-day resort course gives you the chance to do so! Your instructor will teach you about the foundations of scuba diving as well as introducing you to the gear before you get into the pool to learn basic scuba skills.