3 benefits of booking an all-inclusive holiday to Fiji


An all-inclusive holiday to the luxury Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort in Fiji allows you to spend more time having fun in the sun with family, while we take care of every little detail imaginable. Sound good? Of course it does. Discover more benefits of our all-inclusive packages today.

1. Activities to keep yourselves and the kids entertained all day

A huge variety of fun-filled activities at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort are included in the price of the booking. From water activities to on-land excursions, there’s so much to see and do each day of your stay with us.

The shimmering shallows of Savusavu Bay are a perfect playground. With our expert staff on hand to guide you, spend an afternoon snorkelling the reefs watching tropical fish and coral life. Prefer to stay dry? Kayak, paddleboard or take a ride on our glass-bottom boat to enjoy the water from up above.

We also provide a host of complimentary excursions around various parts of Savusavu. Trips include hikes to secret waterfalls, visits to local markets and even opportunities to connect with the area’s children at the nearby school. These excursions and activities are a great way to immerse yourself in adventure.

There's so much to see and do when staying at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort.Enjoy a plethora of activities when staying at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort.

2. Get closer to the culture of Fiji

Getting to immerse yourself in Fiji’s fascinating culture is just another benefit of booking an all-inclusive family holiday to the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort. We’re proud of our heritage and go out of our way to involve guests in traditional practices. From our historic lovo feast to visits to the local village of Nukubalavu, guests of all ages can enjoy learning about our vibrant culture and get involved in unique experiences. Such activities help to create memories to last a lifetime.

Discover how you can immerse yourself in the local culture with the help of the Jean-MIchel Cousteau Resort.The Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort brings you closer to the culture of Fiji.

3. Spend less time planning and more time relaxing

An all-inclusive holiday to the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort removes the stress that comes with planning a DIY trip. Instead of worrying whether you’ve included all the finer details such as food preferences, things to do and childcare, we take care of absolutely everything so you have more time to have fun in the sun with family. The only thing you’ll need to worry about the entire time you’re here is which exotic cocktail you’ll sip first!

With so much to see and do, let us take care of everything, so you don’t have to. For more information on our various all-inclusive packages, get in touch with the team today.

Have you experienced yoga in paradise?

Namaste and welcome to paradise. At the five-star luxury Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, relax and re-centre the mind, body and soul by joining one of our complimentary early morning yoga sessions.

Get ready to drift away from daily distractions and into new found euphoria. 

Operate on island time

Upon arriving at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, you'll soon discover that everyone operates on what we call 'island time'. This simply means that we take things nice and slow and create a carefree environment that our guests soon pick up on.

Our complimentary sunrise yoga sessions contribute to this relaxed vibe and revive you for a day of fun in the sun. Waking up early has never felt so good!

"I spent my mornings up early worshiping the ocean with yoga…the best way to unwind," revealed one past guest on TripAdvisor. 

That's why they call it beginner's luck

When visiting a holiday destination like the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, there are endless opportunities to try new things and get involved in incredible adventures that you may not have experienced anywhere else before.

If you can't resist the insatiable allure of sunrise yoga by the shimmering Savusavu Bay, but you're new to the art of yoga, you're in luck. Our expert instructors are on hand to guide you through each and every move so you can learn this incredible art form safely and properly, in the best of hands. Their teachings will stay with you for years to come, so you can continue reaping the benefits of yoga and meditation.

Sessions run from 7am daily, and guests wanting to join can meet outside the Bula Club Pavillion.

Discover yoga like you've never seen it before.Get ready to practise yoga in paradise.

Yoga in paradise and in privacy

If yoga is something that you practise regularly and your skill level is more advanced, our five-star resort also offers one-on-one sessions for those after a little more privacy.

Just like our complimentary group yoga classes, those who choose our one-on-one sessions will also have an expert instructor on hand to lead the various positions and sequences. They also share the same, breathtaking views of the calm waters and surrounding bay.

These private sessions incur a separate cost and can be booked with a member of staff.

Our five-star resort also offers one-on-one sessions for those after a little more privacy.

Unwind in our luxury, five-star eco spa

For more relaxation and luxury, make use of our on-site beachfront spa bures and South Pacific treatments

Prepare to indulge in exquisite wraps, massages and therapies, all using natural oils and lotions crafted from locally sourced ingredients such as wild mint, aloe and coconut oil. All remedies used are passed down through generations, with the healing of both the body, mind and soul at the core of their creation.

Discover a world of relaxation at the Fiji Resort.Get ready to indulge in eco-friendly South Pacific treatments.

If you're ready to feel nothing but relaxation on your luxury Fijian holiday, speak to a member of staff about what we can do for you. 

How to become a certified diver on your holiday in Fiji

Fiji has truly earned its place as the soft coral capital of the world, and here at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, we love giving our guests the opportunity to explore this underwater paradise in all its glory. That's why we offer a range of diving courses and certifications for those looking to make the most of these stunning surroundings.

If you're ready to strap on a snorkel and flip those fins, discover how you can get certified while on your Fijian holiday.

Make a splash on your Fijian holiday

You don't have to be a diving extraordinaire to partake in our world-renowned diving courses. Our instructors are qualified to deal with guests of all skill levels – even beginners. So, if you're new to diving but want to learn the best practices amongst professionals in a safe and controlled environment, you've come to the right place.

Our snorkelling course with certification is just one of many beginner diving courses on offer at our luxury resort. Here, guests will learn the essential basics such as how to use your fins, mask, snorkel and all skin diving equipment, and understand safe skin diving practices. Our in-water training will teach you how to use your equipment, enter the water, check buoyancy and how to perform effortless surface dives, along with other necessary must-dos.

What marine life will you encounter while snorkelling in Fiji?There's an underwater paradise waiting for you to explore.

Are you ready to become a certified diver?

If you're no stranger to snorkelling or scuba diving, why not take your passion for the deep sea to the next level? The Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is proud to host the world-recognised PADI course for those looking to gain a reputable qualification in this field. The PADI course is the most popular scuba course around the world, enabling you to dive with a buddy to a maximum depth of 18 metres and rent dive equipment anywhere in the world!

Participants will learn how to use basic scuba equipment, control a device and tank, navigate, and how to safely enter and exit the water. The course is three to five days long, during which time you'll partake in a range of dives to ensure you're ready to become a competent diver. 

The PADI course is the most popular scuba course around the world.

How Fiji earned its name as the soft coral capital of the world

With picture-perfect turquoise waters spanning as far as the eye can see, and a kaleidoscope of colour beneath the shimmering surface, there's no denying the allure of the South Pacific. Below the waves, visitors can swim amongst 1000 species of tropical fish and 400 varieties of coral life – all just a stones throw from the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort. With such ideal diving conditions and a fantastic array of marine life to view, there's no better winner for the prestigious title of 'soft coral capital of the world.'

There's truly no better place to gain a diving certificate than at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort. If you're ready to take the plunge, speak to a member of staff to see how you can get involved. 

How to help preserve the coral reefs of Fiji

The world is made up of 70 per cent water, and within these vast bodies of water lives an abundance of marine life, including colourful coral reefs. Unfortunately, 60 per cent of these underwater ecosystems are under threat of being lost in the next three decades due to overfishing, pollution and physical destruction, according to Travel and Leisure. 

However, there are actions you can take to make a difference when staying at our five star Fiji resort. Here are just some of the ways that you can help preserve this underwater paradise.

How can you help preserve the coral reefs of Fiji?

Jean-Michel Cousteau is not only the resort's founder, he is also a world-recognised environmentalist who continues to raise awareness for – and work towards – preserving the Earth's oceans. Follow in our founder's footsteps by taking the following steps.

  • If you choose to embark on a diving trip to the Namena Reserve when staying at the best Fiji resort, you mustn't touch any of the coral reefs you see. Human contact can smother and damage reefs, and even wipe out species of reef.
  • Make a conscious effort to conserve water – the less you use, the less wastewater and runoff will find its way back to the oceans, which can cause pollution.
  • Although they are extremely pretty, it's important to leave shells and animals from the reef or rock pools where you find them. Removing them can damage the ecosystem and endanger organisms that rely on these products.
Coral reefs are more important to fish than you might think.Coral reefs are not only beautiful, they're also extremely important for humans as well as marine life.

Why are coral reefs so important? 

You may not know it, but it's not just marine life that rely on coral reefs – humans do too. Here are just some of the reasons why coral reefs are so important:

  • Coral reefs form nurseries for roughly a quarter of the world's fish. In turn, an estimated one billion people depend on these nurseries for food and income from fishing, according to World Wide Fund for Nature. These are believed to provide up to 15 tonnes of seafood per square kilometre a year!
  • These ecosystems lower the power of waves during storms and tsunamis, reducing the risk of flooding, damaged land and coastal erosion.
  • Due to their vast biodiversity, coral reef organisms are already being used for treating conditions such as HIV and cancer.

Helping to preserve this beautiful underwater space doesn't need to be difficult. With these small practises, you can work towards making a huge difference to the coral reefs of Fiji. To find out more about the Cousteau Resort philosophy, speak to a member of the team while enjoying your luxury family holiday in Fiji.

3 photography tips for capturing the beauty of Fiji

With tropical flora and fauna, white sand beaches as far as the eye can see and calm, blue lagoons, the Fijian island of Vanua Levu is any photographers dream.

If you're heading on a luxury family holiday to the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, discover how you can snap the perfect postcard-worthy shot with our beginner's photography tips.

1. Seek out an interesting subject and location

Luckily, you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a knockout subject or location in the surroundings of the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort. Look for an area that has interesting features and potential for great composition, and try to execute a shot that is completely different to images you've seen before.

Creating reflections is a fun and unique way to elevate a simple beach photograph. Simply find a tide pool with no movement to use as your reflection source. With your subject in the background, aim to capture their reflection in the water to create an interesting foreground effect.

Play around with reflections when shooting. Capturing reflections can transform an ordinary shot into an extraordinary result.

2. Play around with composition

Composition is the term for how elements in a scene are arranged within the frame to help you express an idea and draw the viewer in. Around the resort, such elements may include palm trees, shells, rocks or fauna.

Play around with different textures, silhouettes and patterns to add an extra dimension to your images. However, don't go overboard with too much foreground interest, as this will just clutter your shot. Instead, find a few complementing features that will help build a stellar result. 

Play around with different textures, silhouettes and patterns to add an extra dimension to your images.

3. Make the most of golden hour

With an average daily temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort are rarely without sunshine. However, it's the time before sunrise and just after sunset that you'll really want to utilise for your photography. This time frame is called golden hour and is one of the most favoured lighting settings by photographers. When the sun is closer to the horizon, light appears warmer and softer, producing a flattering glow across subjects and landscapes. Additionally, it's a great excuse to catch a breathtaking sunrise or sunset too!

By following our handy photography tips, you'll undoubtedly produce a collection of incredible shots that will be sure to turn friends and family green with envy! 

Go green at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort

Being the best Fiji resort is high on our agenda. Therefore, we take great pride in creating a luxury holiday experience that our guests will never forget.

Another element close to our hearts is sustainable tourism. We are proud to practise green methods across the resort and through our services. The World Travel Awards have even awarded the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort with Australasia's Leading Green Hotel award three consecutive years in a row!

Discover how you can partake in sustainable tourism while enjoying a luxury couples holiday in Fiji.

Learn how the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort helps preserve the coral.Learn how the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort helps preserve the coral. 

Green guest amenities

As a guest of the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, you'll stay in one of our bures – a Fijian thatched house – on the shores of Savusavu Bay. All of our luxury bures are designed with sustainability in mind and built from naturally harvested materials. The high roofs allow for maximum air circulation – eliminating the need for wasting resources on unnecessary air conditioning systems. 

From the non-phosphate cleaning products to the chemical-free spa lotions and ointments, you'll find nothing but natural, harm-free goods used throughout the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort.

Ocean initiatives making a difference

Our five star Fiji resort is located just a stone's throw away from the clear and clean Pacific Ocean. Jean-Michel Cousteau – the resort's founder and ocean environmentalist – has ensured that the resort places a firm focus on preserving this underwater paradise.

In 2013, through Johnny Singh's initiative, the resort founded a coral farm in a bid to restore the reef. So far, there are 87 fragments of live coral that are currently being nursed back to health after breaking away from their original colonies. This programme helps to grow the broken coral fragments into larger, healthier groups.

Get green fingers in our organic garden.Get green fingers in our organic garden.

Great for the environment and for our guests

Not only will guests leave the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort with happy memories, they'll also leave full after dining on plenty of delicious Fijian cuisine. All food served at meal times is sustainably sourced from the local area, if not from our own organic garden in the resort. Here we grow herbs, fruits and vegetables that you may try when experiencing a traditional Lovo feast – a cultural Fiji cooking method. 

The resort also features Fiji's first ever water reclamation plant. This low energy system puts treated wastewater to good use and reduces both the carbonaceous and nitrogenous demand around the resort. This water is then pumped to nearby ponds and wetlands.

We love being a sustainable resort in Fiji and we hope that our guests enjoy our eco-friendly services while staying with us! 

3 reasons to embark on a second honeymoon to the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort

Embarking on a romance-fuelled honeymoon doesn't have to a once-in-a-lifetime endeavour. To maintain a healthy relationship, couples should take time to celebrate their love, away from the distractions and daily stresses of daily life.

A romantic Fiji getaway to the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is the perfect place to enjoy a much-deserved second honeymoon.

Ignite your romantic spark

Your first honeymoon was likely taken at a time before major responsibilities. With these factors taking forefront in a couple's life, romance can often take a backseat. Additionally, a recent study by The Knot found that only one in four couples go on their dream honeymoon.

Only one in four couples go on their dream honeymoon.

A trip to the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort has all the ingredients to rekindle the spark between a couple. Our tranquil and tropical surroundings are the ideal place to sit back, relax and rediscover the attraction you felt the first moment you met.

Whether you unwind by the adult-only pool with exotic drink in hand, or dine under the stars at the end of the pier, there are plenty of opportunities to soak in the ambiance.

Commemorate your love by sailing away to our very own private island to enjoy the company of your other half, and no one else. Spend your time snorkelling in clear waters, basking on the beautiful beach or sharing a delicious picnic made by the staff at the best Fiji resort.

Sail away to your own private paradise island.Sail away to your own private paradise island.

Get to know each other a little better

Visiting a new holiday destination can inject your relationship with a little refreshment that allows a couple to spend time getting to know and love each other that little better. Enjoy peaceful and private areas of the resort – perfect for rediscovering interests and reveling in memories. Relax beside the adult-only pool or in a hammock overlooking the Savusavu shore.

For further relaxation and serenity, head to our on-site spa right on the beach's edge. In the privacy of our beachfront bures, yourself and partner can indulge in South Pacific massage treatments that will revitalise you to the full. With just the sound of the water hugging the shore, take the time to chat the afternoon away with your other half.

Commemorate a special occasion

Whether you've hit a profound milestone in your relationship, want to celebrate an anniversary or just feel like treating yourself and a loved one, a second honeymoon to the Jean-Michel Cousteau is the perfect way to do so. We take care of every little detail so that you can spend your days enjoying each other's company without having to worry or lift a finger. Our world-class facilities, accommodation and activities all work to create a vacation you'll never forget.

Immerse yourself in island life and love. Find out how we can create a 5 star couples holiday in Fiji for the second honeymoon you know you deserve. 

3 reasons to spend Christmas at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort

Christmas is a time for fun, family and festivities, but amongst all of the holiday cheer, people can often be left feeling stressed when trying to please everyone.

Instead of spending your time off work worrying, why not take a holiday in the holidays to really maximise time with family?

Discover how the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort can create a 5 star family holiday in Fiji that you'll never forget.

Enjoy spending Christmas at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort.Enjoy spending Christmas at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort.

Set your body clock to island time

Christmas can be a stressful time, what with buying gifts, cooking enough food for everyone and making sure the kids are entertained. Leave work and worries at the door before jetting off to Fiji, like the 35,000 Australians who visited the tropical islands in December 2016, according to Fiji Bureau of Statistics. 

Our five star Fiji resort allows families to enjoy island life to the fullest, with feet up and refreshing drink in hand. Every little detail is taken care of so that you have more time to spend with the people you care most about.

Leave work and worries at the door before jetting off to the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort.

We're not the only ones who think that Christmas spent at the resort is a great idea, our past guests do too:

"It really was a special Christmas for ourselves and the kids, surrounded by beauty, amazing staff, good people and an intoxicating air of relaxation", writes one TripAdvisor reviewer.

Leave boredom at the door

Instead of wondering how to entertain the little ones over the Christmas break, at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, children will never have an excuse to be bored. Instead, watch their little faces light up like a Christmas tree when they discover the action-packed activities on offer at the Bula Club

If there's more energy and excitement to burn off, leave them in the capable hands of our friendly nannies and buddies, while you enjoy an afternoon relaxing in the adult-only facilities. Watch as they make new friends, learn about wildlife and Fijian culture in a fun environment and splash around in child-friendly facilities. 

Enjoy family outings with our fantastic range of complimentary excursions that can take you to Savusavu gems such as hidden waterfalls, traditional Fijian villages and local markets.

Spend Christmas with the family in our five star resort.Spend Christmas with the family in our five star resort.

Enjoy a change of scenery

Fijians love Christmas just as much as you and your little ones. Help the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort staff decorate the Christmas tree before joining in the church service where carols are sung and spirits are high.

The stress of Christmas dinner isn't on you this year! Instead, you can dine upon traditional Fijian fare such as a Lovo feast in gorgeous surroundings.

Spending a family holiday in great company at the Jean-Michel Coustea Resort is the best gift worth giving this Christmas. Find out how we can make your holidays the best they can possibly be.

Choose the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort as your first couples holiday destination

Deciding where to go on your first couple’s holiday is a significant milestone in any relationship. As you’re still learning the ins and outs of your other half, you’ll want to visit somewhere stress-free, ultra-relaxing and fun-filled – and with a lot of sun, of course!

Find out why our five star Fiji resort is the perfect choice for your first vacation away together.

Fall in love in Fiji

Here at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, we can cater to couples wanting their own piece of paradise, away from children, if you wish . Spend your time with one another in our adult-only facilities where the only thing you’ll have to worry about is which exotic cocktail to order next. We strive to think of everything, so that you have more time to enjoy Vanua Levu’s picture-perfect scenery and the company you’re with.

If it’s romance you’re after, you’ve come to the right place. From the hypnotic sway of the palm trees to the unbeattable sunsets over the Savusavu horizon, our five star Fiji resort works to make your first couple’s holiday the best it can possibly be.

Experience the romance of Fiji for yourself.Experience the romance of Fiji for yourself.

Experience it all

Whether you want to relax in tranquil surroundings or immerse yourself in Fijian fun, we let you set the tempo. If it’s fast-paced island adventure you’re after, hold on tight because the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort has you covered. With your other half in tow, head down to the depths of the nearby Namena Reserve for world-class diving. Swim alongside 400 species of colourful coral, 1,100 varieties of fish – if you’re lucky, dolphins or turtles may join your underwater soiree!

On dry land, join in on one of our many complimentary excursions that can whisk you away to tropical waterfalls, local markets or traditional villages.

Swim alongside 400 species of colourful coral, 1,100 varieties of fish and if you’re lucky, dolphins or turtles!

Put your feet up in paradise

The Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort encompasses the best of Fijian luxury, making it the perfect place to spend quality time getting to know one another. Enjoy relaxing poolside with drink in hand before winding down at our beach-side spa where body wraps and massages await.

End your day of pure bliss with a romantic dinner for two on the pier, with the serenading sounds of the gently lapping waves and twinkling stars only adding to the ambience of your unforgettable evening.

Retire to your luxurious oceanfront bure after a day spent in the best company, in the best Fiji resort on Vanua Levu Island.

Find out more about how we can create the perfect romantic Fiji getaway for yourself and a loved one today.

Explore the aquatic paradise of the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort

Swimming is a great way for children to keep fit – but most importantly have fun! In fact, from December 2015 – December 2016, swimming was the most participated sport by kids, with 30 per cent of Australian children taking the plunge, according to the Australian Government. 

Enjoy a five star family holiday in Fiji and let your little ones discover the aquatic paradise of the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort

'All aboard, me hearties'

The Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort offers guests the chance to experience the best of Fijian island life through our incredible range of complimentary excursions. One of our most popular features is sailing the Savusavu sea in one of our Hobie boats. Keep an eye out for pesky pirates or friendly Bottlenose dolphins wanting to say hello. Enjoy floating around the bay and wave to your Bula Club buddies waiting at the shore.

What fish will you find?What fish will you find?

Reel-y good fun 

Grab a rod, hook your bait and get ready to catch a fish! Deep sea or closer to shore, our friendly team at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort can arrange the perfect fishing trip that the whole family will enjoy. Try luring in Tuna, Walu or even a monstrous Marlin that can grow up to 14 feet, according to National Geographic. 

Try luring in Tuna, Walu or even a monstrous Marlin that can grow up to 14 feet!

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming

As the grown-ups take some time out at the adult only pool, allow your little ones to carry on the fun at our complimentary and action-packed, award-winning Bula Club – the best kids club resort in Fiji. They will meet new friends and spend the day exploring, playing games and swimming in our kiddie's pool – no mums and dads allowed! Make your way down the snake-shaped water slide and prepare to make a serious splash at the bottom! 

Will you find Nemo?

The Namena Reserve is one of Fiji's best diving sites, filled with 400 varieties of colourful coral and more than 1100 species of fishy friends. Our resident marine biologist, Johnny Singh, regularly leads small groups on snorkelling trips where you might spot turtles, dolphins and even Clownfish. Even close to the shore of the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort are fantastic snorkelling opportunities. 

Phew! All that water-fun is tiring work. Rest your head and count sheep (or fish!) before another day of sun-filled swimming and splashing