Relax as your children learn to cook in Fiji

When you go on a family holiday, you don't want to have to worry about entertaining the kids all the time. That is why, at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, we offer the complimentary Bula Club for children. 

The award-winning program offers a variety of fun activities, educational games and exploration for children aged 6-12 years. Open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., you and your partner can relax by the seaside or go on an adventure yourself while the young ones are taken care of. 

With the Bula Club, your children will learn to cook while you read a book at the beach.With the Bula Club, your children will learn to cook while you read a book at the beach.

Encouraging children to cook

One of the highlights for children at the Bula Club is the 'Junior Chef's Program'. Here, they learn how to harvest produce from the resort's organic garden and assist in preparing lunch or dinner.

At Jean-Michel Cousteau, we are strong advocates of the farm-to-plate concept , so you can be certain that your young ones will gain a good understanding of different aspects of organic farming such as planting and composting, as well as food preparation. 

The children who partake in the Junior Chef's Program enjoy the wholesome, fresh dishes they helped to prepare for either lunch or dinner, where parents are welcome to join in the adult section of the main restaurant. 

Iconic Fiji dishes

When your children learn to cook at the Bula Club, we make education as much of a priority as fun. This means that once you return from your relaxing Fiji holiday, your young ones will know about the different cooking methods (open fire and underground), staple ingredients (taro, rice, fish, sweet potatoes and cassava) and culinary history of the Pacific Islands. 

Here are some of the most iconic Fijian dishes you and your children might encounter – and learn to cook – during your stay. 


A delicacy that is commonly enjoyed at weddings or festivals, lovo is cooked in an underground oven. The oven, which is essentially a hole in the ground, is lined with coconut husks that are lit on fire and covered with stones. Fish, meat and vegetables are then wrapped in taro and banana leaves and placed on top of the hot stones to cook.

The food is left in the oven for up to three hours, something that leads to delicious smoky flavours and tender consistency. 


Kokoda is made from finely cut, raw mahi-mahi fish. The iconic flavours of the dish come from the dressing, which is made from thick coconut cream, chillies, lemon juice, salt and onions. To achieve a slightly chewy texture, the fish is marinated for 6-8 hours and served with coconuts or clams.

A great starter, this light dish is Fiji's version of South American ceviche. 

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The potato-like root vegetable is one of the key ingredients in many Fijian dishes and even has cultural value to the islands'. So much so, the first full moon in May is celebrated by a holiday dedicated to taro. 

Mashed, fried or steamed, the taro root is a favourite among the Fijians, particularly because all elements of the plant can be used and cooked. Taro leaves, for example, are often boiled in coconut milk to achieve a spinach-like dish. 


Known as Fiji's asparagus, duruka is the unopened flower of a cane shoot. It is often used with coconut milk or to add a slightly nutty flavour in curries. Early settlers from Papua New Guinea are thought to have introduced the stringy and fleshy food in the late 1800s. 

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Family holidays in Fiji, done differently

An all inclusive Fiji holiday at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort offers much more than gorgeous beaches and palm trees. A family holiday here provides the best of both worlds – relaxation for you and adventures for the children. 

Get in touch with our team to talk about your ultimate holiday. 

Discover the pearls of the sea with your partner in Fiji

What could be better than spending a romantic getaway with your partner at a 5 star Fiji resort? That's right, exploring some of Fiji's most intriguing sites together.

To make your stay as enjoyable as possible, we provide an array of traditional Fijian cuisine, beach-side spa treatments and activities at the Jean-Michel Cousteau resort. We also offer a number of excursions for those who feel like venturing beyond for a day.

One of the most stunning excursions is a guided tour of the J. Hunter Pearls farm in Savusavu Bay:

The rare pearls of Fiji

Famous for their vibrant colours, Fiji's pearl hues are unlike anything else found in other pearling regions across the globe. From warmer colours such as champagne, copper, burgundy and Fiji-chocolate to colder shades like green, purple or silver-grey, these pearls are pure beauty. 

More than that, with only 25,000 harvested each year, these are the rarest pearls in the world. This is because the Fijian Peal Oyster (Pinctada margaritifera typica) is very difficult to farm and source. The limited number of oysters that do exist are known for their earthy shell exterior, orange body and dazzling pearls, which can be between 9-18 millimetres. 

What to expect on the tour

J. Hunter Pearls is only a short distance away from the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, so there are no long travel periods. The tour itself will give you an insight into the rich history of pearling in Fiji, taking you on a journey through the origins of commercial pearl farming in the region.

After you arrive at the farm, your tour guide will briefly explain the culturing process, particularly how working with the local community has helped to adapt pearling practices to the unique environment in Fiji.

Then, you'll experience the day-to-day operations on the farm as you take in the stunning backdrop of Savusavu Bay from a boat. Since pearling activities vary throughout different times of the year, not every tour be the same – something that adds a special touch to the experience.

While on the tour, you and your partner can marvel at the pearl oysters that are suspended on 200-metre-long lines as deep as five metres below the water surface. 

Depending on the weather, and if you feel like getting up close with the rare beauties, we suggest your bring snorkelling gear as you are able to take a dip at the farm site. To take this adventure to the next level, you may also want to request a visit to the giant clam site where you can swim over some of the world's most impressive, endangered bivalve mollusks. 

Twice a year, between April-May or October-November, visitors are able to witness either the seeding season or pearl harvest. The seeding operation involves the observation of an experienced Japanese pearl technician who starts the culturing process to create a Fijian pearl. During the harvest, you can look on as each pearl is removed from a host oyster. 

Finally, at the end of the tour you'll find yourself at the showroom where you started. Here, you are able to buy loose pearls or jewellery from the J. Hunter farm before heading back to the resort. 

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For an unforgettable romantic holiday with your partner, choose nothing but the best Fiji resort. Get in touch for more information on how the team at Jean-Michel Cousteau can make your Fiji vacation the ultimate getaway. 

How to have the most romantic Fiji-getaway

Planning a holiday with your significant other is exciting. It all builds up to the big moment when you're heading to the airport to celebrate quality time together. 

Of course, an all-inclusive luxury resort in Fiji encapsulates the epitome of romance for such a vacation. And at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, we have made it our mission to make your lovers' holiday to Fiji an unforgettable experience. 

Alongside the natural beauty of pristine beaches and aquamarine water, we can help you and your other half have the most memorable time.

Go on an adventure

What is better than relaxing with the sunshine of your life by the poolside? How about a day spent on a private island – just the two of you. 

The ultimate secluded paradise, Naviavia lets you enjoy each other's company in complete calm. Smooth waves on the beach will perfectly complement the picnic we can arrange for the two of you before your little trip. 

For a half-day to an entire day, you get to relax and sip champagne by the shore.  Let your imagination be the limit of the adventures you can have. 

Get flexible together

Doing yoga in Fiji though takes things to an entirely new level.

Practising yoga regularly has many health benefits. It can reduce back pain, arthritis, headaches and even lower blood pressure. More than that though, it is a fantastic way to improve your mood and energy levels. 

Doing yoga in Fiji takes things to an entirely new level. The restorative and serene experience of moving your body within eye sight of the tranquil Savusavu Bay can do wonders – for more than just your mental wellbeing. 

To make your couple holiday even more enjoyable, share the experience of serenity with your partner in one of the complimentary morning group sessions. Don't want to have anyone but your lover and a professional instructor in the room? No problem! At the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort we have fully trained experts offering private sessions

We can guarantee that the romantic fire between the two of you will burn in a novel way after getting flexible together. After all, yoga is good for both mental and physical experiences. 

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Dine under the stars together

The way to the heart is often through food. Or so people say. Far away from your daily lives, indulging your taste buds with delicious cuisine is a treat in itself. Dress up in the evening to enjoy a few cocktails at the Lounge Bar. You may even decide to play an exciting game and pretend you are meeting for the first time again – one of you could be a mysterious spy who swoops the other off their feet. 

By the time you are ready to feast, both of you will be filled with excited anticipation for the grand event: a private dining experience by the beach. 

Savour the moments together with a dinner under the stars, right on the waterfront of Savusavu Bay. Perched on the pier or even directly on the beach, you and your partner have the night to yourself. One of our dedicated staff will serve only the two of you, ensuring no one disturbs your special dinner.

At the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort we pride ourselves with the knowledge that our guests can experience the most romantic holiday with us. Every aspect of the romantic island getaway is thought of and provided for by our team, ensuring that you have the vacation of your dreams. 

Whether you want to surprise your significant other with the trip of a lifetime, or are planning the ultimate getaway together, we'd love to be a part of it. Because life deserves to be filled with luxury, romance and relaxation. 

Catch the fish of your dreams at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji


There are few things more relaxing in life than casting a line into the serene blue waters of the Fijian coast, lying back and waiting for a fish to take the bait. After all, your holiday is all about recharging your batteries, and fishing in Fiji is one of the finest ways to escape from the hectic realities of modern life.

At Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji, you can charter a boat and head out into the sumptuous seas of Savusavu, where you’ll have the opportunity to catch your own dinner. The waters of Savusavu are among the best in all of Fiji for fishing, so you’re practically guaranteed a bite – here’s what you need to know.

The waters of Savusavu are among the best in all of Fiji for fishing, so you’re practically guaranteed a bite!

Fishing for a winner

Savusavu is located on the northern Fijian island of Vanua Levu, and it’s here that you’ll find the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji itself. The resort represents the perfect place to bait up your rod, framed by swaying palms on the sun-kissed shores of the island. You can bring along your own equipment if you like, but don’t worry if you’ve left it at home – we have plenty here that you can borrow. Usually, we’ll troll for fish (dragging baited hooks behind the boat), but you can cast if you have brought along your own rod.

Typically, we run two fishing trips per day. One will leave at first light when the fish are looking to feed, and the other in mid-afternoon, as our finned friends sun themselves near the surface. Additionally, we run two different types of fishing trip – a gentle cruise around the bays, or a deep-sea fishing venture where you’ll really get the chance to hook a whopper. Because the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji has long been dedicated to conserving the environment, our fishing trips are designed to see you catch open water species rather than the reef fish that live near the shore.

The sailfish is one of the ocean's fastest swimmers - can you catch one?The sailfish is one of the ocean’s fastest swimmers – can you catch one?

Fiji’s finest fish

On your fishing trip, you’ll be aiming to snare such fish as walu, yellowfin tuna and the hard-fighting mahi-mahi – a great prize for any sea angler. Arranging your fishing trip on the calming South Pacific is simplicity itself. All you have to do is give the Dive Centre or Activities staff 24 hours notice before you intend to head out, and we’ll do the rest.

Be sure to get in touch with us to arrange your trip to paradise – we look forward to welcoming you.

3 reasons to go kayaking when staying at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji


When you make the choice to come and stay with us at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji, there’s a good possibility that you’ll get the chance to try something that you’ve never done before. This is perfectly fine – after all, taking a well-deserved holiday is all about trying new things, discovering something different.

Kayaking is one such activity, and there really is something to be said about serenely paddling your way across the sparkling blue waters along the shoreline of Savusavu Bay. Here are three simple reasons why you should give kayaking a try – we look forward to seeing you out on the water!

1. It’s beautifully relaxing

What’s the main reason you chose to stay a few days at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji? One of them must be that you wanted a break from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind, and a few days in a South Pacific paradise is just the ticket.

There are several ways to unravel the knots and unwind at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji.

There are several ways to unravel the knots and unwind at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji, and taking to the water in a kayak is just one of them. Just sitting in your kayak and letting the sapphire surface slip underneath as you watch the sun sink into the sea is an experience sure to fill you with a sense of complete calm – and one rarely replicated anywhere else.

2. Keep up your exercise

Sure, a holiday is a time for relaxing, enjoying your time away from work and eating exciting new foods, but it doesn’t mean that you have to put your fitness routine on hold. Kayaking offers a fantastic workout, especially for the upper body. It doesn’t matter whether you’re paddling gently from the shore, or having a more energetic runout a little further away – your arms, shoulders and back will really reap the benefits of a day out on the kayak.

Several core muscles, so often neglected when in the gym, will also be called into action, and the cardiovascular benefits cannot be discounted either. You’ll also be having awesome fun as you do it!

3. A real sense of adventure

When people think of an adventure holiday, they often imagine plunging down rough whitewater on a flimsy raft, or leaping off a high bridge with a length of elastic tied to their feet. It doesn’t have to be that way. You could simply be exploring new areas on calm waters with your kayak, watching wildlife that you’ve never seen before in your life – now that’s a real adventure!

At Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji, we offer a guided kayaking tour for our guests, where you’ll explore the beautiful coral, flora and fauna of Savusavu Bay – contact our friendly team to find out more.

Learn to scuba dive on your Fijian holiday


The ability to scuba dive can unlock a whole new underwater world, where you can get up close and personal with beautiful corals and a raft of marine life. Once you have your diver’s certification, it can act like a passport and take you diving around the world, including in the beautiful waters of Fiji.

However, if you haven’t gotten around to getting certified, you’ll be glad to know you have the chance to do so at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort in Savusavu. We offer a number of different courses from the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, otherwise known as PADI, that will equip you with the skills and confidence to enjoy diving.

What kind of courses does the resort offer?

The Cousteau Dive Centre caters to all different levels of divers, from beginners to those looking for their next adventure. We can also tailor programmes to suit the specific needs of our guests, so feel free to enquire about finding the right courses for you.

Our PADI dive courses are taught by expert instructors with thousands of hours of experience underwater. They have all been hand-picked by oceanographer Jean-Michel Cousteau and work with the latest, high quality equipment.

Gain an exciting qualification on holiday in Fiij. Gain an exciting qualification on holiday in Fiij.

Jean-Michel Cousteau Diving in Savusavu offers unparalleled access to some of the world’s most spectacular dive sites and pristine coral reefs. Under the direction of Jean-Michel Cousteau, our PADI-certified scuba diving excursions explore excellent dive sites just 10-20 minutes away by boat.

We cater to all experience levels, offering calm, shallow sites for beginners, with walls and gently sloping coral gardens, and night, boat and drift diving for the more advanced. We are also fortunate enough to have resort resident marine biologist, the renowned Johnny Singh as a guide for a number of our dives – enriching your understanding and experience of Fiji’s incredible marine ecosystem.

Explore the soft coral capital of the world on a scuba diving excursion. Explore the soft coral capital of the world on a scuba diving excursion.

Is there a way to try scuba before signing up to a PADI course?  

If you’ve never tried scuba before, our half day Resort course gives you the chance to do so! Your instructor will teach you about the foundations of scuba diving as well as introducing you to the gear before you get into the pool to learn basic scuba skills.

How long does it take to get PADI certified? 

As the world’s most popular dive program, the Open Water course is your ticket to the big blue sea. In order to fulfil the requirements of the PADI Open Water course, you’ll need a minimum of three days, however we find guests usually take about 4-5 days to comfortably complete it. However, you can also complete the online component ahead of time to fast track the process once you’re here. Gear will be included for participants.

Scuba diving certification opens up a whole world of diving opportunities. Scuba diving certification opens up a whole world of diving opportunities.

Do you have any advanced scuba courses? 

If you are already PADI certified, you can join our Advanced Open Water course to further your knowledge. Over the space of five dives, you’ll hone your skills to make diving even more enjoyable.

We also provide a Rescue Diving, as well as a Nitrox course. If you’d like to take the first step towards your professional dive training, you can also tackle the Divemaster course. You’ll work on rescue skills as well as refining what you already know to become an even better diver.

Can kids try scuba? 

Kids love our fun intro to scuba course! Kids love our fun intro to scuba course!

Yes! Our Seal team course conducted in the pool is designed for children aged 8-10 and incorporates many of the skills that one learns during the open water certificate course. Young divers will get the chance to put their faces in the water and try breathing through a regulator in a safe environment while wearing a life jacket. We also have our Bubble Maker course aimed at the same age group which offers kids a taste of scuba diving.

If your child is 10 years and over, they can alternatively complete the Junior PADI Open Water Certificate.

You can find out more about our courses and pricing here, otherwise don’t hesitate to get in touch to enquire about diving certification.