Fun facts you didn’t know about Fiji

Are you excited for your 5 star family holiday in Fiji? Of course you are! With togs packed and excitement building, it's not long until you arrive at the sun-filled Jean-Micheal Cousteau Resort.

Learn more about our incredible destination and its incredible surroundings with these seven fun facts.

1. There are 333 tropical islands in Fiji and only one third of them are inhabited. This means that there are 222 paradise islands waiting to be explored. What do you think you'd find? Hidden treasure? A flock of flamingos? Awesome bamboo waterslide? The possibilities are endless.

Out of the 111 occupied islands, the best kids club resort in Fiji can be found on Vanua Levu – the second largest island out of them all! That's right, the Jean Michel-Cousteau Resort is situated in the sun-filled town of Savusavu, where there are plenty of amazing activities and family fun to be had!

2. Savusavu welcomes warm weather all year round, with 25degrees Celsius the average temperature. This is great for splashing in the sea, playing beach games with the family and hanging out with new friends in the resort.

3. The Jean Michel-Cousteau Resort is home to an award winning kids club. Our Bula Kids Club is a favourite of families visiting and it's no surprise why. We've got a team of friendly buddies and nannies that are in charge of creating a fun-filled atmosphere, complete with activities, games and island adventures. Meet new friends and learn all about the amazing island, all while having so much fun.

What sea creatures will you discover?What sea creatures will you discover?

4. The official language of Fiji is Fijian. However, people may also speak English and Hindi. Learn some simple Fijian phrases before you arrive and practise them while enjoying your stay.

5. Fiji is home to a method of cooking called 'lovo'. This involves cooking food underground! Don't worry, all of the delicious ingredients are wrapped in banana leaves before the surrounding burning rocks slowly cook them. You can experience this tasty traditional practice at the Jean Michel-Cousteau Resort every week!

6. Just over 900,000 people live in Fiji, compared to the 25 million who live in Australia, according to Australia Bureau of Statistics. 

7. Fijians love sport, especially rugby union. It's the most popular sport in the country and nearly ten per cent of the entire population play, according to Fiji Travel. Who do you think would win in a match between Fiji and Australia? There's only one way to find out – bring a ball and your game face!

Fiji is full of culture, beautiful beaches and so much sunshine. Enjoy all this and more while staying with us at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort.

How can the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort bring you closer to Fiji’s incredible food?

What do you look forward to when you go on holiday? Sun? Beaches? For many, both of these factors are top contenders, but experiencing local delicacies takes the number one spot for plenty of people. 

Fiji is famed for its fresh seafood, island flavours and traditional cooking methods. Experience all of this and more while enjoying your stay at the five star Fiji Jean Michel Cousteau Resort.

Enjoy dining on locally sourced seafood.Enjoy dining on locally sourced seafood.

Loco for lovo 

A Lovo feast is not only a unique and traditional Fijian cooking method, it's also incredibly delicious! Watch as our in-house executive chef, Raymond Lee, places ingredients including various meats, fish, vegetables and taro leaves filled with corned beef, onions and coconut cream (locally known as palusami) into the pre-dug pit. The hot coals in the underground hole slowly cook the wrapped ingredients to perfection. Your children will love the theatrical element! 

As The Band Boys serenade diners with their mesmerising Fijian melodies, Raymond will serve the food in a mouthwatering buffet, ready for hungry bellies.

Experience this unforgettable dining practice at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort every week.

Culinary classes for the little chefs in your life

If you have a house full of kids that can't stay out of the kitchen, you'll be thankful for the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort. Our award winning Bula Club not only offers your children a world of fun full of activities and games, there's also the chance to partake in our junior chef's program. With aprons on and hands washed, kids will be able to assist in preparing delicious lunches and dinners. It's a completely enjoyable and hands on experience that you won't find anywhere else that will create lifelong memories – as well as tasty treats!

See what delicious treats your kids will create.See what delicious treats your kids will create.

Dine in paradise

Your luxury family holiday in Fiji wouldn't be complete without gorgeous dining spots alongside the equally gorgeous food you'll be enjoying at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort. Thankfully, we've got plenty. Whether you choose to revel in romance dining under the stars on the end of the beachside pier, or pack a picnic and head to our private island, dining in our Savusavu resort is always special.

Tantalise your tastebuds with traditional treats

A great feature of the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is the amazing array of complimentary excursions that the whole family will enjoy. From glass-bottom boat rides to visiting a traditional Fijian village, there's a lot of fun to be had. A popular choice for all guests is travelling to the market. Every Saturday morning, you'll find local vendors selling freshly caught fish from the sunrise haul, nearby grown produce and hand-crafted gifts and wares. For a vibrant, cultural and exciting morning, this market is the place to be!

Allow our expert bar staff to create exotic cocktails at our Lounge Bar.Allow our expert bar staff to create exotic cocktails at our Lounge Bar.

A flavour of Fiji

With endless exotic eating experiences to indulge in, you'll need something refreshing to wash it all down with. Fiji is world-renowned for its clean and crisp rums, locally produced Fiji bitter beer and tropical cocktail concoctions, and you can sip them all at our very own Lounge Bar. Spend an evening savouring these local delights and take the time to meet other families or simply enjoying the company of your own.

The Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort promises every single guest a marvellous time in every aspect of our 5 star Fiji resort and with full bellies and smiles all round, you'll be glad you came to stay! 

Everything you need to know before departing on your couples holiday to Fiji

With a plethora of pristine, fine-grained beaches, abundant coral and marine life and exploring opportunities, it's no surprise that Fiji consistently makes the top ten list of Australia's most popular travel destinations. From June 2016 to June 2017, over 350,000 Australians visited the country, according to the Fiji Bureau of Statistics.

If like the many other Australians that continue to visit the country, you too have booked a romantic Fiji getaway to the island of Vanua Levu, there are a few things that you'll want to be aware of before departing. Allow the five-star Fiji Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort to fill you in!


The Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is located in Savusavu which as a whole receives a warm, tropical climate all year round. Weather temperatures average at around 25C, making it enjoyable and bearable for all visitors.

Enjoy the sunshine on your holiday in Fiji.Enjoy the sunshine on your holiday in Fiji.

What to pack

With pleasant temperatures and sun-filled days, visitors to the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort are sure to want to make the most of our outdoor facilities and surrounding areas. Ensuring that cool clothes are packed for daytime activities is necessary, along with longer coverups for when the sun sets. Essentials such as sunglasses, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, swimming gear and thongs mustn't be forgotten either.


Fiji is renowned for its food, with visitors set to enjoy cuisine heavily influenced by the surrounding ocean, along with subtle spices and root vegetables such as taro. To make your five-star couples holiday in Fiji extra special, the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort bring the best of Fiji cuisine to our guests.

Experience a traditional Fijian Lovo feast; a method where food is covered in banana leaves and cooked in a fire pit. We hold one every week here at the resort, so a traditional taste of Fiji is never far away!

Immerse yourself in incredible Fijian food.Immerse yourself in incredible Fijian food.


The native language of Fiji is unsurprisingly known as 'Fijian', although Hindi and English are also spoken. Learn a few common phrases before you depart to truly immerse yourself in the culture.


The people of Fiji are renowned for being incredibly friendly, welcoming and easy-going. Our hospitable and kind staff are shining examples of this and help to keep our five-star Fiji resort the great place it is today.

However, there are customs that should be adopted to avoid causing offence. When visiting a village, individuals should dress conservatively and remove hats and shoes, and avoid touching anybody's head. If offered the national drink of Kava, visitors should politely accept as it's customary to drink.

After remembering the above points, the only thing that's left to do is to get excited! With so much to see and do, your luxury couples vacation in Fiji is waiting for you here at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort!

Teach your kids these 10 phrases for your holiday in Fiji

When you're planning a family holiday, you're highly likely to place extensive research into finding the best accommodation, the area's attractions and the best time of year to go. However, learning a few simple phrases from the destination in question is a great way to get more out of your trip and immerse yourselves completely in the local culture.

Here at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, we're not only experts in providing the best family friendly Fiji holidays, we're also passionate about the culture which surrounds our beachfront resort.

Here are some of the most popular and useful phrases for you and your kids to learn before arriving in Fiji.

1. Bula – Pronounced 'buu-laa', this common Fiji phrase translates to 'hello/welcome.' A great time to say this is when meeting our friendly team at The Bula Club! If you're not yet familiar with our in-house kids club, now's the time to be.

Complimentary for children under the age of 12, it's an opportunity for your kids to meet friends whilst on holiday while taking part in heaps of fun activities and adventures, all under the watchful eyes of our buddies and nannies. As they enjoy our kid-friendly facilities, take some time off relaxing at our adult only pool.

If you decide to head out on our excursion to the traditional Fijian village, the correct way to address the chief is 'Ni Sa Bula Vinaka Saka.'

2. Vacava tiko? – This means 'how are you?' – Practise saying it out loud as 'Vaka-tha-va tiko' following on from 'bula'.

3. Moce – Another useful and extremely easy word to say while enjoying your trip translates to 'goodbye' and is pronounced 'mo-they.'

4. Vinaka – Translating to 'thank you' and pronounced 'vinahka', this common Fijian word is useful to say when someone has done something for you.

5. Kerekere – Teaching children the importance of manners, no matter where they are is nothing but a good thing. Meaning please and said as 'kerry-kerry', it's a handy word to know.

Your kids will have so much fun at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort.Your kids will have so much fun at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort.

6. Io – Short, but sweet, this translates to 'yes' and is pronounced as 'Ee-yo.'

7. Sega – Following on from yes, you guessed it, this means 'no.' Say it out loud as 'senga.'

8. Kana Vinaka – Translating to 'the food is very good' and pronounced 'kahna vinahka', say this phrase after finishing your delicious dinners at the resort.

9. Ni sa moce – Pronounced 'ni sah mothay', this simply means 'goodbye/goodnight.'

10. Sota tale – Said as 'soh-tah-tah-lay', this means 'see you again', to which we look forward to having you back for another spectacular stay at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort.

For more information on how we can make your 5-star family holiday in Fiji the best yet, click here.

What is a Fijian Lovo?

Here at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, we pride ourselves on offering not only luxurious, relaxing accommodation and facilities, but also a taste of the incredible heritage and traditions of the local Fijian culture. One of the amazing experiences that hold a special place in the hearts' of our guests is our Fijian lovo, a banquet cooked using an earth oven. 

Find out a little more about this tasty meal and how you can join in on the excitement during your romantic Fiji getaway or family holiday. 

What is a lovo? 

The term 'lovo' also refers to the underground oven that is used to cook the feast. The lovo is often reserved for special occasions in Fijian villages and is a core part of the local culinary arts. 

This traditional technique involves digging a pit into the ground and placing hot coals inside. Various ingredients, from meat to vegetables and palusami (taro leaves filled with corned beef, onions and coconut cream) are then wrapped up and placed over the coals. Everything from fish to chicken and pork can be cooked in a lovo and will also sometimes also be bundled up in banana leafs to retain their moisture. 

Once the food is inside, the pit is covered in banana leaves, soil or potato sacks and left to slow cook for several hours. Once time is up, the pit is unearthed to reveal deliciously cooked, tender food. 

Experience a lovo at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort

We bring the traditional Fijian lovo to the heart of the resort, giving our guests the chance to experience this special style of cooking every week.

Using recipes handed down through generations, our Executive Chef, Raymond Lee, prepares a veritable Fijian feast that can be enjoyed buffet style. 

As you dig in, you'll also be treated to the vocal stylings of a traditional Fijian guitar group, the Band Boys, whose lilting melodies are the perfect soundtrack for a truly wonderful meal. 

If you want to go on holiday to a tropical beach destination, there is no shortage of destinations to chose from.

However, if you want to combine the beauty of an island holiday with the warm-hearted Fijian culture and experiences you won't find anywhere else, there's only one place to put on your map.

You can click here to find out more about our resort, or contact our team if you have any queries. 

Three unusual Fiji attractions away from the beaten track

There are few holiday destinations that can rival Fiji for things to see, do and make. The blue skies, golden sun, white sands and swaying palms have long attracted families and couples alike, each of them eager to explore the wonders of these islands. At the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, we know that Fiji's 300 islands are home to a treasure trove of secrets, many of which are just as interesting as the main attractions. With so many activities in Fiji to seek out, it can be hard to know where to start – here are three of Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort's favourites!

Feast your eyes on a fire-walk

Easily accessible via a pleasant boat ride, Beqa Island is home to the indigenous Sawau tribe. Today, firewalking is practised all around the world, but it was the Sawau people who originated the traditional artform of walking barefoot over fiery coals. Therefore, to witness the local Sawau warriors participate in a fire-walking ceremony, all the while chanting in their native tongue, is something to be savoured. The coals themselves are plucked from a 'lovo' (an earth oven), so you can be certain there is no fakery involved!  

To witness the local Sawau warriors participate in a fire-walking ceremony is something to be savoured.

Absolutely crabulous

After a spot of diving in Savusavu Bay, it's well worth your time making the short trip to the island of Qamea. The lush, verdant hills of the island are home to the Lairo mud crab, a species endemic to these parts – and delectable, too. You won't have to pay extortionate prices to sample this tasty crustacean though, as on Qamea, you can hunt your very own. Between November and January, the bright full moon of the early summer is the signal for the Lairo mud crab to head to the beach to breed. The crab are plentiful, so embrace your hunter-gatherer spirit and try to catch one – then have it for breakfast the next morning!

Make the most of mud

Fiji is an archipelago just bursting with geothermal activity – after all, it is found within the Pacific Ocean's infamous 'Ring Of Fire'. Over in the Sabeto area, you'll find mud pools naturally heated by the bowels of the Earth, so don't be shy – jump right in! The warm mud is reputedly excellent for the skin, and there are plenty of pools for you to choose from. They are well signposted, but out of the way enough so as not to be crowded – and they're completely free, too.

To book your next Fiji holiday, be sure to get in touch with the friendly, helpful team at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort – we'll organise everything! 

The Bula Club: The Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort’s superb children’s program

There are few things in life more enriching to a child's mind than exploring a part of the planet unfamiliar to them. Travel can teach children how other people live, immerse them in a new and exciting culture, and open their minds to the possibilities that learning about the world can bring.

At the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, we strongly believe that educating the children of today will set us up for a brighter tomorrow, which is why we have organised the Bula Club – an award-winning program open to all little ones holidaying with us. The Bula Club is complimentary, so parents don't need to worry about having to pay extra to take part.

Let's take a look at what the Bula Club is all about.

Bula. An all-encompassing, friendly word that shows that all are welcome!

'Bula'. It's a word that is heard on every beach and down every street in Fiji, but do you know what it means? It has its origins deeply embedded in Fijian culture, and if there's only one word you'll want to learn when visiting Fiji, it's this one. It can mean hello, welcome, love – everything that embodies the spirit of these beautiful islands. This is why we have named our children's club after this wonderful word – an all-encompassing, friendly phrase that shows that all are welcome!

How does the Bula Club work?

When you and your family arrive at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, little ones will be assigned either a 'nanny' (if they are under five) or a 'buddy' (if they are aged between six and 12). Buddies will take care of up to five children, whereas nannies will give their complete care and attention to just one child. With your children under the watchful eye of our nannies and buddies, you'll be free to enjoy the sights, sounds and secrets of these islands without worry. Whether that be exploring the world beneath the waves with one of our diving packages, unravelling the knots via yoga or spa, or simply strolling along the sand, the Bula Club will allow you the freedom of a romantic holiday – with the children enjoying themselves just as much!

One of the core values of the Bula Club is to help nurture and expand your children's perspective of the beauty of the planet we live on. We want to educate and inform, showing young ones how to build a better understanding of nature, wildlife, the Earth's resources and everything in-between. The Bula Club is home to a great raft of exciting, diverse activities – below, you can read about a few of them.

Take a dip in calm Fijian waters while the Bula Club looks after your children.Take a dip in calm Fijian waters while the Bula Club looks after your children.

Where will you find the Bula Club?

The Bula Club is found just a few minutes' walk from the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort's main building and bures (traditional Fijian huts). Passing through the Bula Club's gates is to seemingly enter another world – one designed purely for the recreation and entertainment of children.

Inside, you'll find a children's fun pool (complete with a waterslide), a jungle gym, a zip line, trampoline and all sorts of other great activities. There's even an arts and crafts centre to ignite your child's bubbling creativity, so little ones can never get bored within, especially if they take part in one of the many programs on offer – let's have a look at these and see which might interest your kids!

Get with the program

At the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, we run two separate programs, based on age, each of which are chock-a-block with diverse activities for both kids and parents alike to enjoy. For children up to five years of age, there is the 'Lei Lei' program, and for youngsters aged between six and 12, the 'Marau' program.

Each has been created with the ages of the children in mind, and is aimed at mental stimulation as well as a big heap of fun. Your children can learn a whole host of skills across the variety of activities, from preparing food, to planting crops.

Passing through the Bula Club's gates is to seemingly enter another world.

To illustrate this, children who are part of the Marau group can participate in our Junior Chef's program.  This is more than just a cooking course for youngsters, however. Participants will pay a visit to our resort's very own Organic Garden, where they will harvest produce and help prepare and deliver lunch and dinner over the course of the day. At the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, we're big believers in the idea of farm-to-plate transparency, and we'll endeavour to teach your children about this worthwhile concept, too!

This healthy eating notion is carried over to the dining area of the Bula Club. Children can choose to have dinner or lunch with fellow young guests in friendly, fun surroundings, enjoying dishes that they themselves may have helped create. We make a big point of using only the freshest and most nutritious of ingredients, so you can rest assured your child will be getting a wholesome meal at the Bula Club. 

You'll want to come to Fiji to relax - and with your children engaged at the Bula Club, that's exactly what it will be.You'll want to come to Fiji to relax – and with your children engaged at the Bula Club, that's exactly what it will be.

Taking care of your children

The guys and girls at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort know that holidays should be about fun and excitement, but we also understand the need to take a break from your little ones every now and then. This is why the Bula Club has a strong emphasis on childcare. When you are assigned a nanny at the beginning of your time with us, you can let them know about any special requirements that your child may have so that their time away from you passes smoothly and without any issue or worry.

If you fancy a glass of wine or two in the evening with your partner but are worried about leaving the children, fear not.

You can advise your nanny of everything from nap schedules through to downtime, as well as how long they may be allowed to spend playing on a device, safe in the knowledge that your instructions will be followed to the letter. If you fancy a glass of wine or two in the evening with your partner but are worried about leaving the children, fear not. As soon as you have them safely tucked up in bed, the nanny will relieve you, leaving you a romantic few hours to explore Fiji with your loved one.

To find out more about the Bula Club and the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort as a whole, be sure to get in touch with our friendly, helpful team – we look forward to hearing from you. Bula!

3 great dive spots to explore in Fiji


Let’s not beat around the proverbial bush here – Fiji is home to some of the finest diving sites on the planet. The shimmering sands, azure seas and cloudless skies make for many a memorable holiday, but it’s the adventures you can have beneath the gently lapping waves where things can really grip your imagination. Fiji is known as ‘the soft coral capital of the world’ – the crystalline waters, perfect temperatures and array of unique sea creatures make the island nation a world-class diving destination.

Our diving packages can take you into the wonderful world below Fiji’s waves, with a multitude of different dive sites to explore.

Additionally, the wonderful hospitality and welcoming smiles of the locals means that Fiji is a highly popular holiday choice for those looking to get away from the hectic reality of modern life. At Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, we place a strong emphasis on recharging your batteries via the magic and beauty of Fiji, as well as exploring new avenues that are simply not possible back home. Our diving packages can take you into the wonderful world below Fiji’s waves, with a multitude of different dive sites to explore. Each is different to the last, so you never quite know what mysterious secrets they will unveil.

Here are three of our favourite dive sites to look at when you stay with us – jump on in!

Namenalala Island

This tiny volcanic islet, found just off the fringes of Vanua Levu (Fiji’s second-largest island) is home to some of the most jaw-dropping underwater scenery in the entire South Pacific. Beneath the sparkling blue surface of the ocean lies a veritable canvas of unspoiled reefs, just perfect for gliding over as you peruse every nook and cranny. One of the big appeals of diving Namenalala Island is that spectacular drop-offs, who-knows-how many metres deep, can loom up at any moment, arresting your gaze (and that of your camera’s lens!) for several captivating minutes. Though initially frightening for less-seasoned divers, these drop-offs make for an otherworldly experience.

The soft corals of Namenalala Island come to you in a kaleidoscope of colours, with a great raft of unique marine life resident. Sea creatures from the Koro Sea often pay a visit to the waters off Namenalala Island, including Spanish mackerel, hulking manta rays, barracuda and even large sharks – so keep an eye out for these fantastic beasts!

Describe this scenery in one word!

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The Rainbow Reef, Somosomo Strait

Translated from Fijian, ‘somosomo’ means ‘good water’, and it’s easy to see why they’ve given this little corner of the Earth such a title. This revered diving site features powerful tidal currents that allow for a never-ending stream of nutrients to flow through the area. Therefore, the ecosystem in the Somosomo Strait is wonderfully healthy – conditions are optimum for soft coral growth, and marine life simply thrives here. Indeed, almost 1,200 fish species call this patch of water home, so the reputation of the Somosomo Strait as a dive site is understandably impeccable.

Almost 1,200 fish species call Somosomo Strait home.

As for the Rainbow Reef itself? It earned that moniker because the aforementioned currents open up the coral, pulling it this way and that, as every colour of the rainbow (and countless more) swirl around you. Pick your way through the psychedelic hues of the Rainbow Reef in an effort to find one of its most unique inhabitants – the playful clownfish – better known as ‘Nemo’.

Shark Alley, Savusavu

There is a reason Shark Alley is named, well, Shark Alley. This adventurous, adrenalin-inducing dive site features an intriguing maze of swim-throughs, open chambers and lurking overheads. Your eyes will constantly be scanning the next underwater corridor in a search for hiding sea life, with the humphead wrasse and grouper (both fish of considerable size) inhabiting these parts. What you’re really looking out for, though, are the whitetip reef sharks that hang out along the alley’s seabed – but don’t worry, this species is not considered dangerous to humans, and our team will be on-hand for extra reassurance.

Be sure to get in touch with the friendly team at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort to find out more about our holiday packages – we look forward to hearing from you!