How can I learn about sustainability while on holiday in Fiji?

At Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji guests have ample activities to choose from and many are not what you expect. Sure, there is world class diving, exceptional snorkelling sites, waterfall visits, spa treatments, kayaking, and so much more of the excellence Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is known for, but this award-winning luxury family friendly resort offers less common choices too, including:

Junior Chef Program

Children want to learn and want to be involved. Incorporating an education with fun activities is the best way to learn. That’s why children take a tour of Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort’s organ garden and learn about organic farming practices as they harvest fresh produce, dressing in a chef’s uniform before helping prepare fresh and healthy meals in the Bula Club Kitchen.

Our Organic Garden provides 20 per cent of food for our guests.
Our Organic Garden provides 20 per cent of food for our guests.
What do your kids have to look forward to on a family holiday in Fiji?

Mangrove Planting

Mangrove Planting brings many benefits. Mangroves are fish nurseries, providing a safe haven for juvenile fish as well as protecting shores against coastline erosion. Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort guests have worked with our resident marine biologists to plant 7,500 mangrove saplings in the last year alone. Whoop!

Coral Planting

Guests can choose to take part in coral rehabilitation by planting coral! Healthy and abundant coral landscapes are essential to marine biodiversity. This ongoing project has led to a snorkel trail and is another example of the sustainable contributions led by Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort’s marine biologists.

Medicinal Walk

Fiji has a longstanding culture of traditional medicine. Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort doesn’t encourage the use of these traditional medicines over Western medicines, however we do want to preserve this knowledge and share it with others, which is why Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort has built an extensive collection of indigenous medicines and rare plants -some of which are extinct in the wild. Guests can learn about how these age-old practices were applied from a village elder..

The Family Resort in Fiji Where New Friendships are on the Menu

When you have been to Fiji you leave with a leading memory: ‘The Fijian people’. Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, a Family Luxury Resort, is located in what Fijian people call “The Friendly North”, famed for the openness and warmth of its residents.

When there is such natural beauty in Fiji, warm weather, world class coral reefs, marine life and lush landscapes, why is it guests comments are about the friendly Fijians? Comments like, “The staff at the resort made for an exceptional experience and we can’t wait to go back.” and “I saw people actually cry when they left this place, it is so wonderful.”?

We’d like to introduce some of our heartwarming staff, who are so easy to connect with.

Fiji Marine Biologist - Johnny Singh

Johnny Singh is a resident Marine Biologist and Naturalist. Say what now? Yes, Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji is the only resort to employ full-time marine biologists to help visitors appreciate Fiji’s best diving and snorkeling and to understand the Cousteau philosophy. Johnny is from Fiji, studied here and also in Australia, where he earned his master’s degree from James Cook University.

Johnny is passionate about the environment, conservation, sustainability, and educating guests of all ages about the environment. At Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, he plays four key roles:

Guest Education Informing guests about Fiji’s natural heritage, snorkeling (both day and night trips – can you spell bioluminescence?), evening presentations, all to guide guests of all ages in how to help protect the environment through action and advocacy in our daily lives.

As Environmental Coordinator. Johnny’s resort projects include integrated landscaping, creating renewable energy sources, organic gardening, recycling grey water for wetlands, composting, and more. He also ensures the resort uses eco sensitive products.

Research With the belief that we must understand something before we are able to protect it, Johnny conducts reef checks at dive sites in order to assess the health of the reefs. Guests and other volunteers are always welcome to join Johnny on these reef checks.

Local Outreach Johnny takes his educational tour on the road and visits local schools, giving presentations, sharing knowledge, and helping future generations of Fijians so that they are aware of the importance of preserving their local environment.

Not only is Johnny a delight to be around, he’s responsible for restoring mangroves in the area, repopulating nearby reefs with giant clams, and measuring the benefits of marine protected areas.

If you think this work sounds all very hip and new, Johnny Singh has been doing this work at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji for fourteen years! When asked what project was his favourite, Johnny said, “I love all of it.”

As an example of how close guest connections run with those who work at the resort, Johnny’s daughter connects with a young past guest every Sunday to chat over Messenger. The family has been back to Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort five times and when away, one of their children communicate weekly with a friend made in Fiji.

Fiji Resort Sraff - Veiwili

Veiwili began his career at the resort as a trainee in our Food and Beverage area (restaurant). He has become one of the superstars on the floor (that’s serving floor, not dance floor -although he probably lights up a dance floor too!).

We’re so glad and grateful to have him in the team. Veiwili grew up in a fairly remote and isolated part of the island we are located on. Something about where he originates from contributed to this special person you are sure to gravitate to.

Fiji Resort - Talei

If you’ve been to Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort before, there is a good chance you remember Talei and her wonderful and welcoming smile. Talei has been at the Fiji Family Luxury Resort for nearly two decades. After running our world renowned Bula Club (Fiji’s best educational, interactive and fun Kids Club) for fourteen years, Talei is now in charge of running our restaurant (more about our fine dining experience and organic menu).

Talei would love to meet you and share in your experience. Learn how to receive a complimentary night’s accommodation

How a digital detox can improve your health

It's no secret that we live most of our days online. From social media to our reliance on technology for work, we often forget to switch off our devices and give ourselves a digital break. Here, we discuss why it's time to unplug and take a digital detox break to sunny Fiji, and the surprising health benefits you may experience after putting down the screen.

What is a digital detox?

While smartphone use is an often inescapable part of modern daily life, there are huge benefits in taking a few days out to switch off and focus on the present reality in front of you, rather than the online world – this is known as a digital detox. The average smartphone user taps their phone over 2,600 times per day, according to dscout research. For many people, this can be attributed to work demands, such as checking email. However, for serious phone fanatics their frequent use could be down to Social Media Anxiety Disorder. This is characterised by feeling anxious or stressed when unable to access the internet, and results in a negative impact on in-person social interactions.

Smartphone useSpending too much time online? It might be time for a digital detox.

Improved sleep

Many of us are guilty of checking our social media at late hours. Not only does the bright white light of a phone screen jolt you awake and strain your eyes, but the electromagnetic radiation transmitted by electronic devices can interrupt precious sleeping time. By avoiding phone use as bed time approaches, you allow your body to switch off. In fact, a darker environment promotes the sleep hormone melatonin. At the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, there are plenty of evening activities to encourage you to put down the phone and enjoy the moments in front of you. However, we wouldn't blame you if you wanted to head to sleep early -with days spent swimming and snorkeling, you'll be ready for a good night's sleep by sunset. 

Create healthy relationships

With much of our social lives taking place in cyberspace, it's unsurprising that this may impact the way we interact in person with those we love. While on your detox vacation to the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, make an effort to be present with your family. Ban mobile phone use during family activities and meal times to keep that screen time down. With a range of family-friendly activities, there's no excuse for you – and the kids – to spend the day online when there's so much to explore.

BondingTaking time to put down the phone helps promote healthy relationships by being present in the moment.

Promote physical activity

A major headache for office workers is managing the health impacts of a sedentary lifestyle. According to the Australian Government Department of Health, physical inactivity is the fourth leading cause of death due to non-communicable disease globally. This lack of movement often comes with major smartphone use, as you're spending time sitting and swiping, rather than getting out and about in reality. With a range of excursions and activities to pass the time, there's plenty of active adventures to enjoy at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort.

Ready for a digital detox? Get in touch with the team at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort to start planning your dream escape.

Why is Vanua Levu such a great spot for a family holiday?

Family holidays should be relaxing, fun and rejuvenating. That's why Savusavu Bay, nestled on the gorgeous southern cost of Vanua Levu, is the ideal location. With incredible wildlife, diverse and delicious cuisine, world class facilities and award winning child care – a luxury family holiday in Vanua Levu at Jean-Michel Cousteau is always memorable.

Incredible sea life

Fiji is known as the soft coral capital of the world, as well as one of the best snorkeling and swimming locations. The water temperature ranges from 28 degrees Celsius in March to just under 25 in August and September, so make sure you leave your wet suit at home. 

If your kids are older or confident in the water, they'll love the guided snorkeling tours offered here in Savusavu Bay. With the help of a fully trained diver or marine biologist they'll discover vibrant and colourful coral, colourful reef fish straight out of Finding Nemo and perhaps even beautiful, rare sea turtles.

Adults are always welcome to join, but if you'd rather enjoy some well earned pool time there's always a sun lounger waiting for you. 

Activities galore

The last thing you want on a family holiday in Fiji holiday is bored kids. Luckily, when they're done exploring untouched underwater worlds, there's dozens more activities to enjoy here in Savusavu Bay. Your kids can go paddle boarding, swimming, kayaking, sailing and fishing. 

If they're not keen on getting wet, there's tennis, volleyball, table tennis, hiking and bird watching to enjoy too. To get a taste of local culture little ones can join in on a traditional storytelling sessions, where they'll learn the tales from over 3,000 years of Fijian legend. 

The South Pacific's best family holiday

Fijian hospitality is legendary. It's not put on or embellished for guests – the people here are just uncommonly warm, friendly and welcoming. Perhaps that's why Luxury Travel Magazine gave Jean-Michel Cousteau in Vanua Levu a Gold award and called our Bula Kids Club one of the best in the South Pacific. 

It's a paradise for little ones featuring a kid's pool, nursery bure, trampoline, flying fox, jungle gym and an incredible tree house. There's daily educational activities and excursions where kids can hang out with locals and learn about local Fijian culture, the natural environment and cooking. 

Children under six are assigned their own nanny, while kids six to 12 are looked after by a Fijian buddy in groups smaller than five. The best part? Most of the child care and activities are included as part of your stay.

To find out more about the incredible family holidays on offer at Jean-Michel Cousteau resort Fiji check out our all inclusive packages today. 

What marine life will you see diving on beautiful Vanua Levu?

Fiji's second largest island, Vanua Levu, is home to stunning white sand beaches, lush flora and fauna and thriving tropical forests. The beauty of this undiscovered paradise doesn't stop at the shoreline though. If you're a keen snorkler or diver, there's endless worlds and diverse sea life to discover underneath the calm blue.

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Coral and small colourful fish

Fiji is known as the soft coral capital of the world, offering one of the most diverse underwater experiences you can find. Some of the best diving in Fiji can be found in the marine protected areas off the coast of Savu Savu Bay where Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji is located. 

Here you'll see countless colourful and complex soft coral structures just a few minutes swim from the pier. You might paddle through schools of neon yellow and purple Fairy Basslets, spot Masked Banner Fish and leaf fish. 

Reef sharks and larger fish

Go a little further out on a guided tour with our in-house marine biologist and you'll encounter far more. Under the Calm of the Pacific ocean you might see Lion Fish, one of the ocean's most eye-catching and imposing creatures. 

On the right day you'll spot reef sharks, moray eels and barracuda circling from a safe distance, as well as larger fish like tuna and trevally. If you're lucky you might run into schools of snapper and grouper on the reefs.

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Rays and turtles

Keen and experienced divers are welcome to take a guided trip further off the coast at the drop-offs where rare and beautiful marine life can be found. One of the most unique fish you'll see is the manta ray, a wide and flat marine ray that ripples through the ocean like a living magic carpet. These can grow to up to 7 metres wide but are harmless if respected. Their smaller cousins the Eagle Ray are usually close by. 

The warm waters of Fiji are also home to five of the seven species of turtle including the Green, Hawksbill, Leatherback, Loggerhead, and Olive Ridley. A meeting with one of these characters may be rare but few underwater encounters are more memorable. 

To meet some of the locals under the water here at Savu Savu Bay speak to the team at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji to enquire about our all inclusive offers and diving packages

Tips for surviving a holiday with young kids

A family holiday with young children should create memories filled with fun and laugher, not tantrums and stress. If you returned from your last family vacation feeling like you needed a break, listen up. 

With the help of the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, find out how you can survive and have a great time while enjoying your next family holiday

1. Go all inclusive

"I don't want that for dinner", "I want to go to the beach today", "Mummy, I'm bored" – sound familiar? For parents heading on holiday with more than one child, finding the perfect place that caters to everyone's tastes isn't an easy task.

This is where an all-inclusive holiday to the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort comes in. From activities to dining, accommodation to entertainment, parents can rest assured knowing that everything is taken care of. Furthermore, the whole family will relish in the variety on offer when staying with us, especially at meal times. Even the pickiest eaters will enjoy the delicious food on offer throughout the day and we pride ourselves on making sure everyone leaves the table full and happy.

Find out how you can keep the kids  entertained at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort.Keeping the kids entertained at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is incredibly easy!

2. Engage the children

Trying to find something to do that both parents and young children will enjoy isn't always a walk in the park. While you may want to explore the local sites, they may want to splash the day away in the ocean. Before you've finished fighting, the day is nearly over.

At the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort however, you'll be spoilt for choice for family-fun activities. Whether you choose to embark on a snorkelling adventure with our resident marine biologist or immerse yourselves in ancient Fijian traditions, each day offers unique opportunities and plenty of adventure!

3. Enlist the help of the experts

Did you know that the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is home to the award-winning Bula club for kids? Here, kids as young as two months right through to teens can enjoy spending time with friends their own age, partaking in a range of fun activities, while been looked after by their very own nanny or buddy – giving you a little time off to relax in the adult-only area of the resort.

Best part is, entry is completely complimentary! To find out more about our award winning kids club and our luxury family packages, get in touch with the team today.

What to do when it’s raining on your Fijian holiday

Fiji is renowned for its warm, tropical climate, with an average annual temperature of 24 degrees Celsius. Although it's extremely rare not to see the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort bathed in a warm, golden glow, on occasion, the heavens may open – just like anywhere else in the world.

However, there's no need to let the rain put a damper on your day, there's still a fantastic range of rainy day activities to get stuck into.

Discover some of the fun things to do when it's raining on your Fijian holiday.

1. Make it a spa day

What could more relaxing than listening to the sound of the trickling rain from the comfort of a private beachfront bure, whilst indulging in a traditional South Pacific spa treatment?

Treat yourself to one of our relaxing and rejuvenating treatments, such as an energising Bula Mai uplifting all over body massage, coconut cleansing Vakacegu facial or exfoliating Maucokona banana leaf body wrap.

Our two oceanfront treatment bures are completely sheltered, with open doors looking out to Savusavu Bay – the perfect backdrop for a massage, treatment or wrap when the weather turns grey.

The Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort spa is perfect for spending a rainy day. Don't let wet weather turn you grey – enjoy a luxury spa day!

2. Get even wetter

If you get caught in a rain shower, don't turn grey like the clouds. Instead, don your bathing suit, leave your inhibitions at the door and prepare to get even wetter!

Embrace the conditions by making a splash in one of our many luxury pools. We have three swimming pools and one toddler pool around the resort. Our Serenity pool is specifically adult-only, perfect for a little peace and quiet, while our Lasa pool is fun for all the family, complete with a giant waterslide and plenty of space for splashing!

The biggest natural swimming pools is the sea itself. The average annual water temperature in Fiji is 28 degrees Celsius, so even when the rain falls, swimming is still as enjoyable as ever. If it's only a light shower, grab a snorkel and see which fish you can see below the waves. Keep an eye out for Nemo and friends in the soft coral capital of the world.

Our adults only pool is a great place to go if it starts raining. Embrace the rain by taking to our adults only pool.

3. Relax as the kids cook up a storm

It's never hard thinking of ways to keep the kids entertained while staying at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort – there's plenty of fun things to do, even when it rains! Leave your little ones in the care of our nannies and buddies at our award-winning Bula kids Club Junior Chef's Program. Watch as your children learn how source local ingredients for cooking and assist in preparing scrummy dishes for lunch or dinner. As they do so, take time out with a book and tropical cocktail in hand and marvel at your budding chef in action!

With so many fun activities to get involved in, you'll never be bored at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort. There's a world awaiting you and your family during a stay at our five-star luxury resort. 

3 photography tips for capturing the beauty of Fiji

With tropical flora and fauna, white sand beaches as far as the eye can see and calm, blue lagoons, the Fijian island of Vanua Levu is any photographers dream.

If you're heading on a luxury family holiday to the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, discover how you can snap the perfect postcard-worthy shot with our beginner's photography tips.

1. Seek out an interesting subject and location

Luckily, you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a knockout subject or location in the surroundings of the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort. Look for an area that has interesting features and potential for great composition, and try to execute a shot that is completely different to images you've seen before.

Creating reflections is a fun and unique way to elevate a simple beach photograph. Simply find a tide pool with no movement to use as your reflection source. With your subject in the background, aim to capture their reflection in the water to create an interesting foreground effect.

Play around with reflections when shooting. Capturing reflections can transform an ordinary shot into an extraordinary result.

2. Play around with composition

Composition is the term for how elements in a scene are arranged within the frame to help you express an idea and draw the viewer in. Around the resort, such elements may include palm trees, shells, rocks or fauna.

Play around with different textures, silhouettes and patterns to add an extra dimension to your images. However, don't go overboard with too much foreground interest, as this will just clutter your shot. Instead, find a few complementing features that will help build a stellar result. 

Play around with different textures, silhouettes and patterns to add an extra dimension to your images.

3. Make the most of golden hour

With an average daily temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort are rarely without sunshine. However, it's the time before sunrise and just after sunset that you'll really want to utilise for your photography. This time frame is called golden hour and is one of the most favoured lighting settings by photographers. When the sun is closer to the horizon, light appears warmer and softer, producing a flattering glow across subjects and landscapes. Additionally, it's a great excuse to catch a breathtaking sunrise or sunset too!

By following our handy photography tips, you'll undoubtedly produce a collection of incredible shots that will be sure to turn friends and family green with envy! 

Get ready to feel the music of Fiji

Are you ready to feel the rhythm of Fiji? While enjoying your holiday at our five star resort, don't be afraid to get those hips shaking and feet tapping as you sway along to the soundtrack of the islands.

With undeniably catchy beats and hypnotic rhymes, learn all about the music of Fiji before departing on your luxury family holiday to the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort. 

An overview of Fijian music

Traditional Fijian music is a heavenly blend of both Polynesian and Melanesian styles which come together to create a unique and beautiful sound. This genre includes a lot of percussion instruments, typically made from resonant wood. Lali and slit drums are often played to provide the background beat, delivering deep and mellow sounds when hit. These indigenous drums were once banged to announce important events such as victories, births and deaths. Today, they're played to call the locals to church or for social gatherings. 

The melody for traditional Fijian music is typically played on guitar, ukulele and mandolin. Pairing deep, hollow sounds from the drums with the mesmerising rhythm of the string instruments, along with rich vocals, the end result is beautifully upbeat.

Are you ready to enjoy the music of Fiji?Feel the music of Fiji at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort.

Famous Fijian artists

Fiji is the birthplace of several talented musical artists. Here are a few of the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort's favourites below:

  • Laisa Vulakoro: Laisa Vulakoro is a Fijian singer specialising in disco and folk music, and is often called by her stage name, Vude Queen. Vulakoro has gone on to release 16 albums, full of toe-tapping beats. 
  • One2eight: Popular Fijian band One2eight deliver energetic and soulful performances whenever they play. You'll never be able to resist the urge to tap your feet and move your head in time to their catchy tunes!
  • Daniel Rae Costello: Daniel's music career has sent him around the Pacific and the rest of the world, performing his infectious Fijian anthems to fans for nearly 40 years!

The soundtrack of your stay at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort

On arrival, the sweet sounds of our singers and guitars are there to greet you, making your welcome that extra bit special, but the music doesn't stop there. Our band will serenade you with island music as you enjoy dining in the stunning surroundings of the resort. Here's what one of our past guests had to say:

'They had the best band playing island music the night we were there which added another dimension to the experience," one past guest told TripAdvisor. 

If you choose to join us on our complimentary excursion to the local Nukubalavu village, you may experience traditional dance presentations set to the tune of lali drums and singing – a real treat!

Get ready to feel the rhythm of the island as you immerse yourself in the music while staying in the tropical paradise of the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort. 

Enjoy a taste of Fiji in your own home

Whether you've recently returned from your luxury family holiday in Fiji or you're getting ready to fly to the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, there's something about the tropical cuisine of the islands that gets tummies rumbling no matter where you are! 

For a true taste of Fiji, why not try your hand at creating some of the most popular dishes eaten across the islands? 

Glean a little inspiration by checking out some of the Jean-Micheal Cousteau Resort's favourites below. 


Kokoda is a traditional Fijian raw fish salad that is extremely delicious and extremely easy to replicate in your own home. This recipe will serve around five people as a starter or side. 

Ingredients include:

  • 100 ml coconut cream
  • 500g fresh white fish, thinly sliced
  • 2 spring onions, finely sliced
  • 1 chilli, minced
  • 1/2 cup lime juice
  • 1 cup chopped tomatoes


Allow the fish to marinate in lime juice for two to three hours before draining. Next, mix the chopped vegetables and coconut cream together, and add the marinated fish. Chill well and garnish with lime wedges and coriander before serving.

At our five star Fiji resort, we're passionate about serving these traditional meals alongside other delicious dishes, such as the magical Lovo feast!


Palusami is a popular Fijian dish of meat, coconut cream and various vegetables, wrapped in taro leaves, then baked. This recipe is a great appetiser for a party and will serve around eight people.

Ingredients include:

  • 2 dozen young taro leaves (washed and softened in hot water)
  • 400ml coconut cream
  • 1 brown onion, chopped
  • 250g cooked corned or minced beef
  • 2 tomatoes, sliced


Hold the pliable taro leaf in your hand to form a cup shape. Spoon in a small amount of coconut cream, cooked beef, and layer the onion and tomato on top. Fold over the leaves to make a parcel and secure in place with toothpicks. Wrap in tinfoil and bake in the oven for around 30-40 minutes.

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Fijian banana cake

Who could forget about dessert? This moist and fluffy banana cake is served at Fijian celebrations and is a tasty treat for after dinner. 

Ingredients include:

  • 2 ripe bananas, mashed 
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup white sugar
  • 2 tablespoons butter, melted
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • 1 1/2 cup self raising flour


In a large bowl, mix the mashed bananas, eggs, sugar, vanilla and melted butter together until fluffy. In a separate bowl, combine baking soda and self-raising flour. Gently fold the dry mixture into the wet ingredients until a smooth batter is formed. Pour into a greased and lined cake tin, and bake for around 30 minutes at 170 degrees Celsius (or until a toothpick comes out clear). 

We don't know about you, but all of this talk of Fijian food is making us hungry. Come and experience the deliciousness for yourself while staying at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort!