Tongue ferns

Elaphoglossum serpens (Dryaptoeridaceae)


Elaphoglossum is a mostly tropical fern genera with over 600 species. It is one of the most diverse genera of ferns. They feature large unlobed leaves, not unlike Asplenium, Pyrrosia (which is also called Tongue fern) or Lepisorus. In some species, the leaf is short, wide and thick and quite un-fern-like. Elaphoglossum prefers a warm, moist, mountainous habitat, but a few taxa have developed some measure of cold tolerance.


Pantropical distribution, occurring principally in wet-montane and cloud forests. The center of diversity is tropical America with ca. 450 described species.

Natural Medical  Properties

No known.

Did you know?

Some people in Central America are studying a chemical produced by Elaphoglossum species. It is called “Crassipin” and is believed to have antidepressant activity.

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