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Island Musk (Fijian: Uci)

Island Musk (Fijian: Uci)

Euodia hortensis (Rutaceae)


Shrub or small tree, up to 4 m. Leaves aromatic (essential oils). It flowers and produces fruits all year round.


Native to Australasia and Southwest Pacific Islands.

Natural Medical Properties

The leaves are anti-inflammatory, emmenagogue, febrifuge and laxative. They are chewed as a remedy for toothache or stomach pains. An infusion is used to reduce fever.

The crushed leaves are used to prepare a remedial bath.

Liquid from the leaves is used as a remedy for swollen testicles.

The leaves are crushed, mixed with oil and applied to sore gums.

The leaves are also used to cure headache and earache and are heated then rubbed onto bruises.

The bark is sometimes part of an internal remedy that is used to relieve thrush-like conditions, to retard menstruation, and to relieve pain in childbirth.

Fluid from the bark is used to treat a disease whose symptoms are yellow eyes and yellow urine.

The bark may be chewed with betel nuts and rubbed onto aching body parts.
Liquid from the stem is used in treating children with convulsions.
The plant contains essential oils (caryophyllene, alpha-copaene, arcucumene), menthofuran, evodone, hortensol, berberine, furoquinoline and acridone alkaloids.

Did you know?

Island musk is harvested for local use as medicine and perfume. It is commonly planted in home gardens and around villages as an ornamental or ceremonial plant and boundary marker; it is also often planted in cemeteries or burial grounds.

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