Red Malaysian Guava

Psidium guajava ‘Red Malaysian’ (Myrtaceae)


Guava (Psidium guajava) in general is a small tree, up to 13 m tall. Bark brown-gray, smooth, peeling in strips. Leaf blade elliptic, 6-12cm long, leathery. Fruit (berry) 5-10 cm long, light yellow with a pink, granular flesh. Edible. Numerous very hard seeds (3 mm long).

The “Red Malaysian Guava” variety has red fruits, fluffy pink flowers, and reddish-purple leaves. It produces some of the largest Guava fruits.


Originally domesticated in the Philippines, spreading to the rest of the Island South East Asia and Eastward to Oceania including Melanesia and Polynesia.

Natural Medical Properties

The juice of the squeezed fruits is used for maintaining healthy skin. The leaves are chewed to prevent diarrhea.

Did you know?

Guavas in general are rich in Vitamin A and C. In fact, they have more vitamin C than oranges.

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