Tectona grandis (Lamiaceae)



Natural Medicine Properties

A wood tar paste is made from the powdered wood by putting it into hot water. It is vermifuge; promotes digestion; is effective in relieving bilious headaches and tooth aches; reduces inflammations or eruptions of the skin.
The charred wood, soaked in poppy juice and made into a paste, has been used to relieve the swelling of the eyelids.
The wood has been used as a hair tonic.
An oil extracted from the roots is used to treat eczema, ringworms and inflammation.
The bark has been used as an astringent and in the treatment of bronchitis.
The flowers are diuretic. They are used to treat biliousness, bronchitis and urinary disorders.
The seeds are diuretic.
An oil extracted from the seeds promotes hair growth.
The leaves have a reputation of being diuretic, depurative, purgative, stimulant, antidysenteric and vermifuge. They are used in traditional medicine to treat anaemia, asthenia, fever and malaria, amoebiasis, schistosomiasis and tuberculosis.
Extracts of the leaves are reported to be effective against mycobacterium tuberculosis, to treat bleeding of larynx, trachea, bronchi, or lungs, and sore throat.
An oil extracted from the tender shoots is used against scabies in children.

Did you know?

The wood has been used as a hair tonic.

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