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A beginner’s guide to snorkelling

Vanua Levu isn't just a tropical paradise above the waves. In the warm and clear waters surrounding our five star Fiji resort, guests can swim amongst lush coral gardens and multi-coloured fish while snorkelling in the soft coral capital of the world.

If you're new to snorkelling but don't want to miss out on the action, follow the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort beginner's guide and get ready for endless fun!

Stick with the experts

The Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is famed for its incredible snorkelling and for being the only Fiji resort with a resident marine biologist – Johnny Singh. Johnny helps educate our guests on the stunning underwater paradise before taking them out for snorkelling trips. Whether you've been snorkelling a few times before or you're a complete beginner, Johnny will take the time to ensure that you are safe, comfortable and having fun at all times.

Practise your breathing

Before plunging into the water, familiarise yourself with your equipment. The snorkel is a tube-like apparatus that will allow you to breathe when your mouth and nose are submerged in water. Practise breathing calmly and slowly through the tube above water before going under. Once you feel comfortable, adopt these techniques in the shallows ahead of venturing deeper.

Don't touch coral or fish

In the Namena Reserve close to the best Fiji resort live more than 1,100 species of colourful fish and 400 varieties of coral. Here at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, we're passionate about maintaining this gorgeous underwater ecosystem so that everyone who visits can enjoy it for years to come. Help preserve this space by not touching any of the marine life you come across. Human contact can cause damage to aquatic life and even wipe out species, states Reef Relief.

Stay calm and slow down

Although it's easy to become excited by the unbelievable views below the Savusavu waters, it's important to take your time when snorkelling to avoid exhaustion. Stay at a steady pace when exploring and stick to your group and guide. This will prevent panic to yourself and the marine life you may come across. Such creatures may include clownfish, starfish and turtles – four of the world's seven turtle species reside here!

While enjoying your five star family holiday in Fiji at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, be sure to head out on a snorkelling adventure you'll never forget. 


A chorus of acclaim with prestigious awards

Each recognition echoes the resort's unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility and authentic Fijian experiences.

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