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5 must-dos for your Fiji honeymoon

There is nothing quite like a honeymoon in Fiji. At the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, we are proud to be the ideal location for a luxury couples holiday in Fiji, where you can enjoy the time as newlyweds in pure delight. 

Let us introduce you to five must-dos for your ultimate romantic honeymoon getaway.

1. Dive into history

Learn about Fijian history from a local elder.

Fiji has a rich history filled with myths and legends that reach back thousands of years. Learn about some of the indigenous folklore at a traditional Fijian storytelling with one of the elders from the local community on Vanua Levu. 

A complimentary activity at the resort, it's an experience that is guaranteed to bring you, as a newly wed couple, closer together. 

2. Discover a tropical waterfall

If you and your partner enjoy the thrill of adventures together, then you will love hiking through the tropical rainforest on a day excursion. Cool off by diving into a natural freshwater pool right next to a hidden waterfall at the end of your walk. 

Jungle, water and your loved one all in one location – it doesn't get much more exciting than that.

3. Enjoy a private beach

If there is one single time in your life that you and your spouse get to celebrate each other in complete privacy, it's on your honeymoon. Instead of doing so on one of Fiji's many, gorgeous beaches, why not steal away to your own private island for the day? 

Naviavia, a hidden gem just off the coast of the resort, is the ideal spot for complete tranquillity. Our chefs will prepare a delicious picnic to take with you, so all you need to think about is how you want to spend the day on your own island.

4. Indulge in local cuisine

For the ever-curious couple, the Savusavu farmers market offers everything the culinary heart desires. Step into the hustle and bustle on a Saturday morning and explore the colours and tastes of Fiji with your spouse as you wander from one stall to another. 

5. Get pampered together

Indulge in spa treatments together and forget the rest of the world as you spend time with your spouse. The Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort has world-class spa facilities, where you and your partner can lay back and relax as you enjoy traditional Fijian therapies such as a Bobo massage, Fufunu scrub or Vakacegu facial. 

Your honeymoon is the ultimate time for luxury, relaxation and indulgence. For the perfect romantic getaway, enquire with our staff today. 


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