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3 ways Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji helps conserve the natural environment

The well-being of the environment is one of the core values of Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji. As such, preservation of the resplendent land and seascapes around us are key to upholding their inherent natural beauty, and we want to keep them that way for future generations. With sustainability and eco-friendliness so key to our ethos, Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji has created a number of schemes to help benefit our planet. Here are three that you may not have heard about.

The giant clam project

These wondrous giants of the ocean floor are endangered as a result of over-harvesting – the adductor muscles that open and close the shell are considered a rare delicacy in some parts. Slow-growing, but with the potential to live over 100 years, the giant clam has steadily been disappearing from the South Pacific, but now efforts are in place to repopulate their depleted numbers.

Our giant clam project involves growing a certain number of giant clams and and keeping them near the resort dock, out in the bay. Once the clams have grown to a healthy size, we move them to a secluded area where they cannot be damaged or killed for their meat. Slowly but surely, the giant clam population will reach its former numbers. 

The mangrove reforestation

Several decades ago, the coastline of Savusavu was awash with mangroves – a collection of shrubs or small trees that grow in shallow water. Not only do these plants make a healthy contribution towards the local wildlife in the shape of food and shelter, they also help to minimise coastal erosion by soaking up relentless pressures from the wind and waves.

Our mangrove reforestation program has seen the planting of several young, healthy and growing mangroves along the coast.

However, many of these mangroves were removed as humans moved in, and this is something that we at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji are looking to put right. Our mangrove reforestation program has seen the planting of several young, healthy and growing mangroves along the coast around our resort, and we hope to spread these yet further as time goes on.

The Organic Garden

Our organic garden is now over two acres in size, providing a broad array of tropical fruits, vegetables and herbs. Though providing good, honest food is of paramount importance when cooking for our guests, we're also careful with how this impacts on the environment, too. For example, our kitchen waste doesn't simply go into landfill – rather, we compost what we can, then use it to give the soil a healthy dose of nourishment!

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