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3 tips for proposing on your Fiji holiday

Nothing beats embarking on a romantic holiday with your soul mate – unless you have plans to propose that is!

Amongst butterflies and jitters, it can be hard working out the PPPOA (perfect proposal plan of action!)

That's where we come in. Discover the top tips and tricks to ensure your holiday proposal is just as perfect as your loved one.

1. Relax, relax, relax

Proposing is a daunting task and nerves are understandably bound to rear their head – no matter where you are. However, acting on these feelings is a surefire way to make your other half ask questions about your behaviour. The last thing you want is to accidentally spill the beans when your stories don't add up!

Thankfully, Fiji operates on island time – something we practise wholeheartedly here at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort. So, whether you're relaxing by our adult-only pool or sinking into a South Pacific massage at our onsite spa bure, you'll have no trouble calming those pre-proposal nerves. With calm breaths and confidence, take your time finding that magical moment to propose.

Here are some tips for proposing on your Fiji holiday.A romantic and relaxing couple massage is the perfect way to calm pre-proposal jitters!

2. Think about the rest of the holiday

Instead of building on your nerves throughout your holiday, think about popping the question sooner rather than later. This tactic will eliminate pre-proposal jitters and instead allow you to enjoy your trip of a lifetime to the fullest. As you revel in the romance, be sure to take advantage of the resort's incredible array of activities and excursions.

From deep-sea diving to waterfall hikes, cultural ceremonies to private island getaways, there's something exciting or relaxing to suit everyone's preferences.

3. Ask your hotel for help

Here at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, we love making our guests dreams come true. Before arriving for your stay, let us know of your proposal plans. This way, we can work with you to put special touches in place. Whether it involves reserving a dinner table on our pier at night or finding the perfect private spot – we can help.

Whether its our honeymoon suite or secluded dining spot, romance is always top of our agenda. If you're thinking of proposing on your Fiji holiday, get in touch with the team today to see how we can make your trip one you'll never forget. 


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