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3 reasons why your kids will love the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort

Going on holiday with your children can be an unforgettable experience and create memorable moments to last a lifetime. However, some parents may worry that once at their holiday destination, there may not be enough child-friendly activities to keep the little ones entertained.

With the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, boredom simply isn't an option. Our 5-star Fiji resort is located next to a clean, safe and stunning beach in the Savusavu area, creating endless sun-filled adventures, perfect for your children.

Discover three reasons why your kids will love the Jean Michel-Cousteau Resort and get ready for a fantastic family vacation like no other!

1. Bula Club

If you're travelling with children under the age of 12, be sure to tell them all about our world famous and award-winning Bula Club. Bula meaning 'health' and 'happiness' defines just what our kids club is all about – having lots of safe, action-packed fun. Each child will be assigned a buddy or personal nanny, depending on their age, where they can be looked after to the highest quality.

Now, to the fun stuff. Watch as your kids splash in their own, private pool complete with a water slide, take part in age-tailored activities where they can get stuck into arts and crafts, explore coral reefs and even learn how to cook tasty and traditional Fijian food while making a new, great group of friends.

Don't feel guilty about leaving the kids for an afternoon, once acquainted with our incredible staff members and buddies, they'll be having fun before you can say 'see you soon.' As they spend time burning off energy, pull up a seat by the adult pool, order in a cocktail and enjoy your afternoon in the sun.

Your kids will love our in-house Bula Club.Your kids will love our in-house Bula Club.

2. Complimentary excursions

Although the Jean Michel-Cousteau Resort has plenty of family-friendly activities in the resort itself, we also appreciate that Savusavu and its surroundings are full of incredible things to do, too. With this in mind, we happily offer a fantastic range of complimentary excursions for our guests to enjoy. Depending on the day of the week, find a different trip to take the whole family on.

Immerse yourselves in island culture as you visit the traditional Fijian village of Nukubalavu, where you'll meet the village chief and other residents, learn about daily life and watch ceremonies and dance presentations.

Take a break from the sea and pool to visit one of the island's most incredible waterfalls. Hike through the lush, tropical rainforest and listen out for the native birdlife before discovering the hidden waterfall, complete with its very own jungle pool! Take a refreshing swim in the natural water as you dip in and out of the falling stream.

There's also kayaking, glass-bottom boat tours, farmers markets and much, much more to enjoy, too!

Try and spot Nemo while snorkeling!Try and spot Nemo while snorkelling!

3. Snorkelling

Speaking of water activities, the Jean Michel-Cousteau Resort sits on the bay of the stunning, crystal clear South Pacific Ocean, making for extraordinary snorkelling opportunities. Our resident marine biologist, Johnny Singh, hosts dedicated family snorkelling trips to allow everyone to get in on the action. If you thought Nemo was only found on your television, think again. Find colourful corals, over a thousand different species of fish and of course, Clown fish.

Each child will receive their own, personal Jean-Michel Cousteau passport to fill with stamps as they complete our numerous cultural and marine activities.

With so many incredible things for children to get involved with at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, you can guarantee a fun-filled family holiday will be had by all.


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