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3 great dive spots to explore in Fiji


Let’s not beat around the proverbial bush here – Fiji is home to some of the finest diving sites on the planet. The shimmering sands, azure seas and cloudless skies make for many a memorable holiday, but it’s the adventures you can have beneath the gently lapping waves where things can really grip your imagination. Fiji is known as ‘the soft coral capital of the world’ – the crystalline waters, perfect temperatures and array of unique sea creatures make the island nation a world-class diving destination.

Our diving packages can take you into the wonderful world below Fiji’s waves, with a multitude of different dive sites to explore.

Additionally, the wonderful hospitality and welcoming smiles of the locals means that Fiji is a highly popular holiday choice for those looking to get away from the hectic reality of modern life. At Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, we place a strong emphasis on recharging your batteries via the magic and beauty of Fiji, as well as exploring new avenues that are simply not possible back home. Our diving packages can take you into the wonderful world below Fiji’s waves, with a multitude of different dive sites to explore. Each is different to the last, so you never quite know what mysterious secrets they will unveil.

Here are three of our favourite dive sites to look at when you stay with us – jump on in!

Namenalala Island

This tiny volcanic islet, found just off the fringes of Vanua Levu (Fiji’s second-largest island) is home to some of the most jaw-dropping underwater scenery in the entire South Pacific. Beneath the sparkling blue surface of the ocean lies a veritable canvas of unspoiled reefs, just perfect for gliding over as you peruse every nook and cranny. One of the big appeals of diving Namenalala Island is that spectacular drop-offs, who-knows-how many metres deep, can loom up at any moment, arresting your gaze (and that of your camera’s lens!) for several captivating minutes. Though initially frightening for less-seasoned divers, these drop-offs make for an otherworldly experience.

The soft corals of Namenalala Island come to you in a kaleidoscope of colours, with a great raft of unique marine life resident. Sea creatures from the Koro Sea often pay a visit to the waters off Namenalala Island, including Spanish mackerel, hulking manta rays, barracuda and even large sharks – so keep an eye out for these fantastic beasts!

Describe this scenery in one word!

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The Rainbow Reef, Somosomo Strait

Translated from Fijian, ‘somosomo’ means ‘good water’, and it’s easy to see why they’ve given this little corner of the Earth such a title. This revered diving site features powerful tidal currents that allow for a never-ending stream of nutrients to flow through the area. Therefore, the ecosystem in the Somosomo Strait is wonderfully healthy – conditions are optimum for soft coral growth, and marine life simply thrives here. Indeed, almost 1,200 fish species call this patch of water home, so the reputation of the Somosomo Strait as a dive site is understandably impeccable.

Almost 1,200 fish species call Somosomo Strait home.

As for the Rainbow Reef itself? It earned that moniker because the aforementioned currents open up the coral, pulling it this way and that, as every colour of the rainbow (and countless more) swirl around you. Pick your way through the psychedelic hues of the Rainbow Reef in an effort to find one of its most unique inhabitants – the playful clownfish – better known as ‘Nemo’.

Shark Alley, Savusavu

There is a reason Shark Alley is named, well, Shark Alley. This adventurous, adrenalin-inducing dive site features an intriguing maze of swim-throughs, open chambers and lurking overheads. Your eyes will constantly be scanning the next underwater corridor in a search for hiding sea life, with the humphead wrasse and grouper (both fish of considerable size) inhabiting these parts. What you’re really looking out for, though, are the whitetip reef sharks that hang out along the alley’s seabed – but don’t worry, this species is not considered dangerous to humans, and our team will be on-hand for extra reassurance.

Be sure to get in touch with the friendly team at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort to find out more about our holiday packages – we look forward to hearing from you!


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