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3 fun family activities for your Fiji holiday

Are you ready for a well-deserved holiday? We have some fantastic news for you: the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort in Fiji can offer everything you could want from a family vacation. 

At the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort we pride ourselves in being the best resort in Fiji, whether you are after pure relaxation or want to make the most of the crystal clear waters and range of resort activities. 

To provide some inspiration for your next family holiday, take a look at three of our complimentary activities in Fiji

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1. Immerse yourself in the culture

Fiji's history is filled with a variety of myths and legends, all riveting to hear. Join one of the elders in the evening to learn about the ancient stories of gods, cannibals and indigenous wildlife. Children and parents alike are set to be pulled into the gripping storyline of more than 3,000 years of folklore. 

2. Stay active and fit

Set the right tone to your holiday by staying active, even out in the Pacific. Regardless of whether you go to the gym five times a week or enjoy the occasional run, at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, we know how important it is to maintain a balance of relaxation and staying fit.

Add to this the fact that children tend to be balls of energy, and the resort's diverse sports facilities are even more attractive. Enjoy a semi-competitive game of tennis or take the little ones on a leisurely paddleboarding tour along Savusavu Bay – there is something for every level of fitness.

3. Explore the ecosystem

For our more environmentally-conscious guests, we are happy to recommend the "Eco Tour". Jean-Michel Cousteau's own marine biologist, Johnny Singh, can help you discover the coastal ecosystem, plant mangrove seedlings and take in Fiji's scenery. 

And if you feel like some quality time with your partner away from the children, you always have the option to sign them up to the complimentary Bula Club. There, they will be taken care of and experience the holiday of a lifetime while you too enjoy everything the Pacific gem has to offer. 

If you would like to know more about what a family holiday at our 5 star Fijian resort could entail, please feel free to reach out to our friendly team. 


A chorus of acclaim with prestigious awards

Each recognition echoes the resort's unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility and authentic Fijian experiences.

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