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3 Fijian day excursions you and your partner will love

Planning a romantic Fiji getaway? Then you will be delighted to know that a holiday at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort offers more than simply luxury accommodation. 

As a 5-star resort, we pride ourselves with having immaculate amenities, servicing your every need. From private beach-side dinners to relaxing days spent at the spa – there are endless opportunities for you and your partner to indulge the senses.

But what if you feel like being adventurous together and want to go explore the surroundings of the resort? We offer a range of complimentary off-site excursions on set days each week. 

Let us introduce three of these to give you an idea what you can expect: 

Go on an adventure in Fiji's rainforest. Go on an adventure in Fiji's rainforest.

1. Explore the local rainforest 

When you think of a romantic Fiji holiday, hammocks, sandy beaches and a soft ocean breeze are likely to come to mind. However, the South Pacific has much more to offer than just beach side relaxation. 

Join us for a hike through the stunning rainforest and dip your toes (or full body) into a refreshing jungle pool as you discover a hidden waterfall. 

Besides the obvious beauty of your surroundings, you and your other half get to marvel at some of the thousands of plant species that call Fiji home. You might even get a glimpse of one of Fiji's native species! From the dendrobium dectylodes – a little-known orchid – to the balaka macrocarpa – a flowering plant only found here – your day trip will give you an insight into the colourful world of South Pacific rainforests. 

2. Visiting a traditional village

Fiji is renowned for its friendly, relaxed people. As such, we invite you to experience their famous hospitality during an afternoon in the local village Nukubalavu. Exploring the traditions and customs of the locals, we guarantee you'll feel closer as a couple afterwards! 

To ensure you have the best time possible, visit the village in modest clothing and take off your hat – wearing one could be considered an insult to the chief. Then, if you're lucky enough to be invited into a home, thank your host and leave your shoes at the door before entering. 

Want to impress others with your language skills? Then you'll want to remember how to say hello (ni si bula), thank you (vinaka) and goodbye (sa moce) in Fijian. 

Learning about new cultures and customs can bring you and your partner closer together as well. The two of you will have a new-found appreciation for each other and be able to share the memories of your travel time for years to come. 

3. Farmers market 

If you enjoy indulging your taste buds in different culinary dishes, then the complimentary excursion to Savusavu's farmers market on Saturday morning is for you! 

Immerse yourselves in the busy and colourful atmosphere of Fiji's traditional shopping day and explore the many different local products. From fruit and seafood to handcrafts and jewellery, your lover and you will be exhilarated by the diverse offering. 

Since the Fijian cuisine is heavily based on cooking with sweet potatoes, coconut and fish, there is a plethora of delicious treats you won't see anywhere else on offer. Influenced by the migration of Indians to Fiji in the 1870s, local cooking is now a colourful mix of Indian spices and traditional island foods. 

Want to add a playful element to your trip? Why not pick something you have never eaten before and share the new taste experience as a couple! 

Inevitably, it doesn't matter whether you and your partner have been dating for a year or have been married for 10. Flying away on a romantic holiday can bring out the butterflies of your early relationship, making even a short vacation one to remember and cherish. 


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