The Perfect Babymoon in Fiji

Fiji is a brilliant place for a wedding or a honeymoon – and an even more perfect choice for a babymoon. As soon to be parents, you may be thinking about ecologically friendly choices for your last hurrah before the baby arrives, and the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort in Savusavu Bay, Fiji, allows you to enjoy your holiday responsibly.

Things to do while babymooning in Fiji

The Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort offers several options for couples on a romantic babymoon. You can cruise the bay while sipping mocktails, enjoy sunning in relaxation on the beach, or even light snorkeling. Spend lazy afternoons in our beautifully appointed spa experiencing heavenly treatments ranging from wraps to relaxing massages, all based on traditional, generational Fijian therapies. The ingredients in all spa products are natural and locally sourced, including fresh papaya, pineapple and local nuts as well as cacao and hand-pressed virgin coconut oil from a local village. Want to know more about holistic Fiji medicine? Join a traditional Fijian medicine walk after a morning of gentle yoga on the beach.

Hoping to spice up your romance before late nights and nappies take over? Dine under the starlight or go for long walks on the beach hand in hand before returning to the resort for a sumptuous night of luxury in one of our 25 exclusive bures. Have a child already? A dedicated nanny can take over so you and your loved one can have some alone time just making memories together.

You can even get away for an afternoon on a private island, with a picnic lunch and a chance to birdwatch while discussing baby names. It's a chance to reconnect and make plans for the future. All of our activities are geared to be eco- and family-friendly, making your romantic couples babymoon stay as enjoyable and guilt-free as possible.

Pregnant woman health

Worried about going on holiday while expecting? Fiji has not had Zika transmission in years, and the last recorded case was early 2017. As long as you take appropriate precautions against mosquito bites as you normally would, there should be minimal risk. As always, see your doctor before planning any holiday trip, and make sure your vaccinations are up to date. Monitor your sun exposure, and get plenty of rest while staying hydrated.

It's a wonderful time in your life when you start to grow your family. Celebrate your transition into a whole new era with the babymoon you and your partner deserve.

Where is the best family holiday? What makes it special?

From our award-winning Bula Club for kids, which encourages our young guests to explore Fijian culture and learn about the world around them, to customized activities for teens, our designated one-on-one nannies for children under six, to swimming with brightly coloured fish, or trying exotic new foods, Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is one of the world’s best family destinations. All of us at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort are proud of our excellent service and we are grateful to offer the parents the welcome option to have a break and let the children be happy will a variety of supervised activities offered by our Bula Club.

Guests of all ages can experience inclusive and immersive award-winning programs, ecological explorations that showcase the essence of the Fijian environment and culture, including the new School Under the Sea program, which offers educational and explorative opportunities for kids, led by the resort’s resident marine biologist.

We promote the Bula Club often because it is worthy of the praise frequently heaped upon it. What we might not highlight often enough are the benefits of your quality time with your children, or grandchildren, while staying at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort. Time with your relatives is the most important part of your stay and goes beyond the fun found making new friends, trying our expertly crafted menus, being pampered in a beach side spa, or sampling shore-side cocktails at sunset.

The greatest reward of a life well lived is to share in the happiness of children, to be hand-in-hand with those most precious to us, to explain the new sights and to learn and experience so much together. That is the ultimate day well spent. 

To help make it easier for you to make the excellent choice of staying at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, we offer a special promotion where two children under the age of thirteen stay for free!

One such adventure offered by Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort and our awesome Cousteau Dive Centre are the guided snorkels at exceptional sites nearby the resort. A brief boat journey over the Fijian waters is nice enough, but not as much fun as seeing what lives beneath the surface. The boat will remain nearby to ensure safety as an experienced guide is in the water with you pointing out the many living wonders frolicking and feeding beneath the waves. To hear a child say over dinner that they swam with sea turtles, eagle rays, harmless sharks, or brightly coloured tropical fish, it’s energizing. To be the person to confirm it is true and celebrate the adventure together is life affirming and why you go somewhere special on your vacation. We have seen the delight in loved ones eyes after witnessing what is wonderful and new, so we have seen the place where memories are made: Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort in Fiji. 

Diving the Gorgeous, Unspoiled Namena Marine Reserve in Fiji

Just 40 minutes away from the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort by boat, the Namena Marine Reserve is considered to be one of the top ten dive sites in the entire world. Its brilliantly clear, unspoiled waters are home to thousands of fish species and invertebrate types, as well as hundreds of marine plant specimens and species of coral.

Go on an adventure
The biodiverse waters offer the chance to swim, snorkel, and dive with friendly bottlenose and spinner dolphins, or gentle giants including pilot, minke, sperm, and humpback whales. The many different diving and snorkeling options give you the chance of an experience of your lifetime, as you watch sharks, barracuda, and trevalis swim unconcernedly by, free from predators or fishing rigs.

Bump-heads, grouper, and coral snakes weave in and out of soft corals, as you glide effortlessly up chimneys riding the warm currents, or plummet hundreds of metres down to the depths of vertical drop-offs. All of this and more is possible when you dive at the Namena Marine Protected Area (MPA) as a guest of Jean-Michel Cousteau.

The Namena Marine Reserve and its near-shore Locally Managed Marine Areas (LMMAs), are managed by the 10 village chiefs from the District of Kubulau. They are "qoliqoli,", an area of sea where customary native fishing rights hold sway, providing sustenance and a livelihood for the local people.

Although the Namena reefs were put in peril in the 1980s and '90s due to significant increases in commercial fishing, leading many to fear for the reefs' destruction, the chiefs of Kubulau rallied against the threat. They collectively created the Namena MPA, placing a total ban on fishing starting in 1997. Today, the beautiful experiences remain available thanks to their swift action to protect their pristine waters.

Master a new skill
If you don't yet hold any certifications, you don't have to miss out. Our half-day resort course is held regularly at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, giving you the chance to learn the foundations of scuba diving, become familiar with the gear, and learn basic scuba skills in the safety of a pool.

We also offer snorkeling certification, and once you've earned certification, you can join the excursions to the Namena dive site and explore from the end of the pier in safety. Don't miss out on this chance to enjoy one of the unspoiled winders of the world book your resort visit and an accompanying excursion today!