When You Think of Sustainability, What You Should Ask

When you think of Sustainability, ask: How do I want my world to be like and how do I sustain that?

Sustainability is a popular and worthwhile idea, but what would sustainable employment look like? At
Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort there are many people who have worked here for twenty years and
longer. That’s pretty sustained, but not what people mean by “sustainable”.

Empowering Employees in Local Communities

Meet Pete (pronounced “Pe-tay”), Pete is one such twenty-plus year employee at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort. Pete works in guests services and he’s from Nukubulavu village, which is the nearest village to the resort and where the majority of resort employees come from. No lengthy commute required, with some people walking along the beach to work (yes, please). Because Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort puts so much time and effort into training employees and developing leadership roles, this has a long-term benefit to a community who are made up of highly skilled and highly trained people. This might be the key to sustainability, by spreading knowledge and with it empowerment, influence and independence.

Pete is a friend and teacher to many
Pete is a friend and teacher to many
Would you like this to be your walk to breakfast?
Would you like this to be your walk to breakfast?

Relationship with the Natural Environment

Conscientiousness comes naturally in Fiji. For most who make the excellent choice to stay with us, it is the connection made with local people which fills the heart with goodness. You can’t train someone to be a pleasure to be around, it comes from the Fijian way of living and the innate openness and sincere enjoyment people in Fiji live with. That’s sustainable.

Bonds that Last

This is Maria. Maria is a nanny and she is part of the fabulous Bula Club, where young children staying at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort receive one-on-one care. By developing new friendships and connections between guests and workers, those who return home have a piece of a distant land in their heart, carrying a greater understanding of those from a different and distant culture within. This is a key part of sustainability globally, as people from different walks of life get to know and enjoy each others company spreading laughter, mutual appreciation and respect. Sustain that!


Jean-Michel Cousteau resort is also more typically sustainable with many years of planning and action in becoming a leading Eco Friendly holiday destination in addition to being an award-winning family friendly resort offering world-class diving and snorkelling.  

Fun with Friends
Fun with Friends

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The benefits of beachfront yoga

With blissful hours spent soaking in the summer sun enjoying some much needed downtime, a trip to Fiji is the perfect way to unwind from the stresses of the working world. To add an extra splash of zen to your stay at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, try out one of our complimentary morning yoga sessions – there are plenty of reasons as to why this is the best way to start your day.

YogaFor the best start to the day, indulge in one of Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort's complimentary yoga classes.

Exposure to nature

It's no secret that a few hours of sunlight has huge benefits on human health, both physically and mentally. Not only is vitamin D great for regulating calcium in the body for healthy bones, but can also give you a big boost of serotonin – the happy chemical. For those who spend much of their time in office buildings, getting back in touch with nature and indulging in beachfront yoga right by the ocean helps create feelings of calm and grounding. Simply breathing in the sea air is good for the body – packed full of nutrients and natural anti-bacterial properties, the ocean is one giant anti-pollutant.

Intense relaxation

Partaking in an outdoor yoga session isn't just an exercise – it's an enriching experience. Our yoga experts will guide you through calm stretches, releasing the tensions of your muscles while the natural soundtrack of Fiji babbles around you. The chirping of native birds with the gentle lull of the ocean is incredibly immersive, sure to help you start your day in a state of zen.

Relaxing in FijiAt the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, relaxation is on the menu.

Embark on a relaxing escape

At the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, we live and breathe relaxation. Our luxurious spa packages embrace both traditional and modern methods of pampering, perfect for restoring a glow to both your skin and your soul. In fact, this luxury is explored in every corner of a Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort stay, from our exotic gardenview bures to the dining experience, curated by Executive Chef Raymond Lee.

Ready to relax? Take a look at our selection of holiday packages, and start planning your escape to the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort.

How the South Pacific Ocean benefits your skin

Fiji is one of the best places on Earth for a relaxing escape. There's little to debate here – the twinkling golden sand and warm island breeze makes this location the perfect paradise to recharge in, especially with a calming dip in the South Pacific Ocean. Swimming in the ocean isn't only good for exercise and recreational purposes – the natural salts and minerals of the Fijian waters are a treat for your skin.

Fiji oceanA trip to the Fijian seaside isn't just beneficial for the mind and soul – your skin will thank you for diving in the mineral rich waters.

Natural exfoliator

For soft and lush skin, a trip to the seaside will do the trick. The minerals in sea salt paired with coarse sand gently scrub away at dead skin. It's a great idea to commence your skin care routine after a swim in the sea – salt water opens your pores, meaning it'll absorb cleansers and moisturisers more efficiently for a deep clean.

Reducing inflammation

Salt water has incredible benefits for those who suffer from skin ailments, such as eczema or psoriasis. This is because the ocean is loaded with skin-loving minerals such as calcium and magnesium. These minerals – particularly magnesium – are anti-inflammatory, perfect for reducing redness and preventing itching. Salt water on its own is known for keeping bacteria at bay. For acne sufferers, a rinse in the sea helps in warding off bacteria that hides in your pores, creating a cleaner base to apply treatments and cleansers.

Blood circulation

Swimming in the ocean helps in promoting blood circulation. This is thanks to the combination of physical exercise and nutrients you're exposed to while diving between the waves. An improved blood cycle helps in reducing stress and removing toxins such as air-pollutants absorbed by the skin.

Fiji resortThere are plenty of opportunities to relax and rejuvenate at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort.

Relax at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort

Take the time to unwind with one of the massage treatments on offer at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort. Our professional massage therapists will lift your stresses with their fingertips, set to the soothing sounds of the water's edge lapping nearby. From deep, regenerative reflexology massages to relaxing in luxurious cacao wraps, you'll leave your spa session feeling rejuvenated and in a state of pure bliss.

Ready to book your escape to the tropics? Check out our packages to create your dream stay at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort.

Fun facts to know before your first Fiji holiday

If you've never been to Fiji before, you're in for a treat. White sand islands, swaying palm trees and year-round warm weather. Here are some interesting insights to help make your first visit to Fiji as perfect as the scenery.

6 fun facts for your first visit to Fiji

1) Fiji is made up of over 300 islands

Fiji is one big chain of tropical islands, only around 100 of which are inhabited. The two biggest islands – Vanua Levu and Viti Levu – host the vast majority of the population and are the region's international travel hubs. A range of light aircraft and boats connect the other islands.

Hundreds of tropical islands make up Fiji.Fiji is a country made up of hundreds of tropical islands.

2) Traditional music, singing and dancing are a huge part of the culture

Fijians are often called the happiest people in the world. Maybe it's because they're always singing and dancing – you'll even be serenaded at Nadi airport as you disembark your international flight.

Expect to hear a Fijian tune whenever anyone arrives or leaves the resort, and make sure to take in one of the spectacular evening cultural shows.

3) The underwater scenery is just as impressive

Hailed as the coral capital of the world, Fiji's reefs are mighty impressive. One of the most popular options for visitors is the Namena Reef, complete with a huge variety of fish and a colourful collection of coral.

Colourful coral reefs in Fiji.Fiji's waters are home to colourful coral reefs.

4) Kava is the national drink

Kava is the country's traditional drink is mad from the ground root of a plant in the pepper family. It's believed to cure headache and stress, as well as help you sleep. As an important social and cultural custom, it's usually consumed as part of a ceremony and you may well have the opportunity to join in during your stay.

5) Bula and Vinaka

The Fijian words for "Hello" and "Thank you" are just two of the words you'll hear warmly exchanged between old friends and new all the time when you visit Fiji. However, there are actually three main languages in region – Fijian, Fiji Hindi and English. The English language is taught in school, so you'll find it easy to communicate with locals.

"Bula" is a local Fijian greeting.Say "Bula" to your new Fijian friends.

6) Christian culture

Fiji's main religion is Christianity, but there are also a number of Roman Catholics and Hindus too. In fact, one of the major landmarks in Nadi is the colourful Sri Siva Subramaniya temple. For Fiji's Christians, Sundays are typically a day of rest, with the vast majority of locals putting on their finest to attend church.

Of course, depending who you speak to, rugby is a local religion too.

Are you ready to book your Fiji hotel? The Jean Michel Cousteau Resort offers sustainable, eco-luxe accommodation with plenty of entertainment for the whole family. Find out more today.

How can I learn about sustainability while on holiday in Fiji?

At Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji guests have ample activities to choose from and many are not what you expect. Sure, there is world class diving, exceptional snorkelling sites, waterfall visits, spa treatments, kayaking, and so much more of the excellence Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is known for, but this award-winning luxury family friendly resort offers less common choices too, including:

Junior Chef Program

Children want to learn and want to be involved. Incorporating an education with fun activities is the best way to learn. That’s why children take a tour of Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort’s organ garden and learn about organic farming practices as they harvest fresh produce, dressing in a chef’s uniform before helping prepare fresh and healthy meals in the Bula Club Kitchen.

Our Organic Garden provides 20 per cent of food for our guests.
Our Organic Garden provides 20 per cent of food for our guests.
What do your kids have to look forward to on a family holiday in Fiji?

Mangrove Planting

Mangrove Planting brings many benefits. Mangroves are fish nurseries, providing a safe haven for juvenile fish as well as protecting shores against coastline erosion. Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort guests have worked with our resident marine biologists to plant 7,500 mangrove saplings in the last year alone. Whoop!

Coral Planting

Guests can choose to take part in coral rehabilitation by planting coral! Healthy and abundant coral landscapes are essential to marine biodiversity. This ongoing project has led to a snorkel trail and is another example of the sustainable contributions led by Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort’s marine biologists.

Medicinal Walk

Fiji has a longstanding culture of traditional medicine. Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort doesn’t encourage the use of these traditional medicines over Western medicines, however we do want to preserve this knowledge and share it with others, which is why Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort has built an extensive collection of indigenous medicines and rare plants -some of which are extinct in the wild. Guests can learn about how these age-old practices were applied from a village elder..

The Family Resort in Fiji Where New Friendships are on the Menu

When you have been to Fiji you leave with a leading memory: ‘The Fijian people’. Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, a Family Luxury Resort, is located in what Fijian people call “The Friendly North”, famed for the openness and warmth of its residents.

When there is such natural beauty in Fiji, warm weather, world class coral reefs, marine life and lush landscapes, why is it guests comments are about the friendly Fijians? Comments like, “The staff at the resort made for an exceptional experience and we can’t wait to go back.” and “I saw people actually cry when they left this place, it is so wonderful.”?

We’d like to introduce some of our heartwarming staff, who are so easy to connect with.

Fiji Marine Biologist - Johnny Singh

Johnny Singh is a resident Marine Biologist and Naturalist. Say what now? Yes, Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji is the only resort to employ full-time marine biologists to help visitors appreciate Fiji’s best diving and snorkeling and to understand the Cousteau philosophy. Johnny is from Fiji, studied here and also in Australia, where he earned his master’s degree from James Cook University.

Johnny is passionate about the environment, conservation, sustainability, and educating guests of all ages about the environment. At Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, he plays four key roles:

Guest Education Informing guests about Fiji’s natural heritage, snorkeling (both day and night trips – can you spell bioluminescence?), evening presentations, all to guide guests of all ages in how to help protect the environment through action and advocacy in our daily lives.

As Environmental Coordinator. Johnny’s resort projects include integrated landscaping, creating renewable energy sources, organic gardening, recycling grey water for wetlands, composting, and more. He also ensures the resort uses eco sensitive products.

Research With the belief that we must understand something before we are able to protect it, Johnny conducts reef checks at dive sites in order to assess the health of the reefs. Guests and other volunteers are always welcome to join Johnny on these reef checks.

Local Outreach Johnny takes his educational tour on the road and visits local schools, giving presentations, sharing knowledge, and helping future generations of Fijians so that they are aware of the importance of preserving their local environment.

Not only is Johnny a delight to be around, he’s responsible for restoring mangroves in the area, repopulating nearby reefs with giant clams, and measuring the benefits of marine protected areas.

If you think this work sounds all very hip and new, Johnny Singh has been doing this work at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji for fourteen years! When asked what project was his favourite, Johnny said, “I love all of it.”

As an example of how close guest connections run with those who work at the resort, Johnny’s daughter connects with a young past guest every Sunday to chat over Messenger. The family has been back to Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort five times and when away, one of their children communicate weekly with a friend made in Fiji.

Fiji Resort Sraff - Veiwili

Veiwili began his career at the resort as a trainee in our Food and Beverage area (restaurant). He has become one of the superstars on the floor (that’s serving floor, not dance floor -although he probably lights up a dance floor too!).

We’re so glad and grateful to have him in the team. Veiwili grew up in a fairly remote and isolated part of the island we are located on. Something about where he originates from contributed to this special person you are sure to gravitate to.

Fiji Resort - Talei

If you’ve been to Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort before, there is a good chance you remember Talei and her wonderful and welcoming smile. Talei has been at the Fiji Family Luxury Resort for nearly two decades. After running our world renowned Bula Club (Fiji’s best educational, interactive and fun Kids Club) for fourteen years, Talei is now in charge of running our restaurant (more about our fine dining experience and organic menu).

Talei would love to meet you and share in your experience. Learn how to receive a complimentary night’s accommodation