How a digital detox can improve your health

It's no secret that we live most of our days online. From social media to our reliance on technology for work, we often forget to switch off our devices and give ourselves a digital break. Here, we discuss why it's time to unplug and take a digital detox break to sunny Fiji, and the surprising health benefits you may experience after putting down the screen.

What is a digital detox?

While smartphone use is an often inescapable part of modern daily life, there are huge benefits in taking a few days out to switch off and focus on the present reality in front of you, rather than the online world – this is known as a digital detox. The average smartphone user taps their phone over 2,600 times per day, according to dscout research. For many people, this can be attributed to work demands, such as checking email. However, for serious phone fanatics their frequent use could be down to Social Media Anxiety Disorder. This is characterised by feeling anxious or stressed when unable to access the internet, and results in a negative impact on in-person social interactions.

Smartphone useSpending too much time online? It might be time for a digital detox.

Improved sleep

Many of us are guilty of checking our social media at late hours. Not only does the bright white light of a phone screen jolt you awake and strain your eyes, but the electromagnetic radiation transmitted by electronic devices can interrupt precious sleeping time. By avoiding phone use as bed time approaches, you allow your body to switch off. In fact, a darker environment promotes the sleep hormone melatonin. At the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, there are plenty of evening activities to encourage you to put down the phone and enjoy the moments in front of you. However, we wouldn't blame you if you wanted to head to sleep early -with days spent swimming and snorkeling, you'll be ready for a good night's sleep by sunset. 

Create healthy relationships

With much of our social lives taking place in cyberspace, it's unsurprising that this may impact the way we interact in person with those we love. While on your detox vacation to the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, make an effort to be present with your family. Ban mobile phone use during family activities and meal times to keep that screen time down. With a range of family-friendly activities, there's no excuse for you – and the kids – to spend the day online when there's so much to explore.

BondingTaking time to put down the phone helps promote healthy relationships by being present in the moment.

Promote physical activity

A major headache for office workers is managing the health impacts of a sedentary lifestyle. According to the Australian Government Department of Health, physical inactivity is the fourth leading cause of death due to non-communicable disease globally. This lack of movement often comes with major smartphone use, as you're spending time sitting and swiping, rather than getting out and about in reality. With a range of excursions and activities to pass the time, there's plenty of active adventures to enjoy at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort.

Ready for a digital detox? Get in touch with the team at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort to start planning your dream escape.