Release your inner zen at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort

Sometimes life has a way of catching up with you, igniting unwarranted stress and worry. Instead of letting these hurdles trip you up, take time off to reset your body clock in one of the most tranquil settings in the world.

At the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, we operate on island time, signifying our laid-back pace and time well spent in a place that relaxes and rejuvenates the mind, body and soul.

Succumb to the healing power of touch

Get ready to feel your stresses melt away when indulging in our soothing spa treatments. The combination of private beach-front spa bures, intoxicating tropical remedies and hypnotic massage motions create the perfect recipe for relaxation.

While our signature South Pacific spa treatments are the perfect holiday treat, they're also renowned for healing and nurturing the body. Our trained masseuses work to rub, stretch or apply pressure to various muscles to help return them to a naturally relaxed state. Such massage techniques have been handed down through generations and can be enjoyed in all treatments within our spa menu.

From facials to full-body wraps, we guarantee you'll have no trouble finding the perfect spa treatment with you and your body in mind. View our complete spa menu and speak to a member of the team to book in.

Find out how you can relax at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort. Are you ready to unwind in paradise?

Start your day the right way with morning yoga

Join us every morning at 7 a.m. for a restorative beach-front yoga session run by one of the resort's expert instructors. These early morning classes are completely complimentary and free for all to join regardless of ability. With the shimmering sea as your backdrop, practise an array of poses and sequences and get ready to feel at ease with your mind, body and soul. Sometimes sessions even take place on the pier and our private island, making the experience even more memorable.

If you're after a little more one-on-one action, we also host private yoga sessions for an added cost. Simply speak to a member of the team for more information.

Our luxury spa treatments and complimentary beach-front yoga sessions are both sure-fire ways to restore balance and harmony. If you're ready to reap the relaxing rewards, get in touch with us to secure your spot.