Explore the aquatic paradise of the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort

Swimming is a great way for children to keep fit – but most importantly have fun! In fact, from December 2015 – December 2016, swimming was the most participated sport by kids, with 30 per cent of Australian children taking the plunge, according to the Australian Government. 

Enjoy a five star family holiday in Fiji and let your little ones discover the aquatic paradise of the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort

'All aboard, me hearties'

The Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort offers guests the chance to experience the best of Fijian island life through our incredible range of complimentary excursions. One of our most popular features is sailing the Savusavu sea in one of our Hobie boats. Keep an eye out for pesky pirates or friendly Bottlenose dolphins wanting to say hello. Enjoy floating around the bay and wave to your Bula Club buddies waiting at the shore.

What fish will you find?What fish will you find?

Reel-y good fun 

Grab a rod, hook your bait and get ready to catch a fish! Deep sea or closer to shore, our friendly team at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort can arrange the perfect fishing trip that the whole family will enjoy. Try luring in Tuna, Walu or even a monstrous Marlin that can grow up to 14 feet, according to National Geographic. 

Try luring in Tuna, Walu or even a monstrous Marlin that can grow up to 14 feet!

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming

As the grown-ups take some time out at the adult only pool, allow your little ones to carry on the fun at our complimentary and action-packed, award-winning Bula Club – the best kids club resort in Fiji. They will meet new friends and spend the day exploring, playing games and swimming in our kiddie's pool – no mums and dads allowed! Make your way down the snake-shaped water slide and prepare to make a serious splash at the bottom! 

Will you find Nemo?

The Namena Reserve is one of Fiji's best diving sites, filled with 400 varieties of colourful coral and more than 1100 species of fishy friends. Our resident marine biologist, Johnny Singh, regularly leads small groups on snorkelling trips where you might spot turtles, dolphins and even Clownfish. Even close to the shore of the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort are fantastic snorkelling opportunities. 

Phew! All that water-fun is tiring work. Rest your head and count sheep (or fish!) before another day of sun-filled swimming and splashing