Why the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is the ultimate wedding destination

When it's your big day, you want everything to be utterly perfect. From which shade of peony to place in your bouquet to the wedding favours you've created for your guests, the little details make a huge difference. However, there is one particular element which takes centre stage – your location.

Although traditional church weddings are a classic choice, destination weddings are also a popular option with happy couples to be.

And what better sun-filled destination to choose than the beach nirvana of Vanua Levu, more specifically, the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort. For a little more convincing, read on to discover just why our five-star Fiji resort makes for the ultimate wedding destination.

Relax on your romantic Fiji getaway.Relax on your romantic Fiji getaway.

Feel the sand in your toes

Whether you've always dreamed of a tropical getaway beach wedding or just want to stray away from the 'norm' for a unique service like no other, our traditional Fijian wedding ceremonies make for spectacular and unforgettable memories to last a lifetime.

Feel the warm, fine-grained sand under your feet, hear the soft, lapping waves hugging the shore and watch as the sun begins to sink slowly for the perfect backdrop to your perfect day. As with any traditional Fijian wedding ceremony, two Fijian warriors will carry the bride up the aisle to the awaiting groom to the sounds of Lali drums and chiming conch shells. Vows will be exchanged, tears will undoubtedly fall, all while your intimate group of guests help in celebrating a momentous occasion.

Following the ceremony, the newlyweds and their nearest and dearest will experience a candle and star lit gourmet dinner.

Whatever you desire, our in-house wedding coordinator will work to create a day filled with love, with your needs and wants in mind.

Rest your head in paradise

Don't let the romance end, instead, commemorate your love in our secluded and luxurious Honeymoon Point Reef Bures. Our open plan, expansive suite is the perfect place to rest your heads for the first time as an official couple.

Spread out in the canopy-adorned king size bed located in the master bedroom, before taking a dip in your exclusive outdoor hot tub, complete with picture perfect views of the nearby Savusavu bay – sheer bliss!

Relax in your own private outdoor hot tub.Soak in your own private outdoor hot tub.

Relax, relax, relax

Although the five-star Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is a haven for relaxation and 'me time', our extensive and utterly exquisite spa resort is simply the cherry on top. Soothe the body, relax your mind and watch stress float away down the waves of the Vanua Levu ocean. In your own, private beachside bure, pick the perfect spa treatment to suit your desires.

Try our 'Bobo' massage. An art form passed down through generations, the rhythmic techniques ease tension and stimulate circulation, while the aroma of coconut wafts through the air.

Perhaps our 'Vakacegu' facial is more your preference? Allow our specialists to massage, replenish and rehydrate your skin, as you unwind completely. Enjoy exfoliating, deep cleansing and the application of masks in this 60-minute treatment.

Take in the sights on your own private island.Take in the sights on your own private island.

Private island getaway

What better way to finish a getaway with your loved one than journeying to your own, private tropical island? Here at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, our guests can hire out the paradise island for a day or half a day. Spend time snorkelling, enjoying your specially prepared picnic or simply sunbathing surrounded by native bird song.

With so many special features to our resort, you can be sure to experience a wedding that you'll remember for the rest of your lives. See how the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort can help you to create memories of a lifetime.

Teach your kids these 10 phrases for your holiday in Fiji

When you're planning a family holiday, you're highly likely to place extensive research into finding the best accommodation, the area's attractions and the best time of year to go. However, learning a few simple phrases from the destination in question is a great way to get more out of your trip and immerse yourselves completely in the local culture.

Here at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, we're not only experts in providing the best family friendly Fiji holidays, we're also passionate about the culture which surrounds our beachfront resort.

Here are some of the most popular and useful phrases for you and your kids to learn before arriving in Fiji.

1. Bula – Pronounced 'buu-laa', this common Fiji phrase translates to 'hello/welcome.' A great time to say this is when meeting our friendly team at The Bula Club! If you're not yet familiar with our in-house kids club, now's the time to be.

Complimentary for children under the age of 12, it's an opportunity for your kids to meet friends whilst on holiday while taking part in heaps of fun activities and adventures, all under the watchful eyes of our buddies and nannies. As they enjoy our kid-friendly facilities, take some time off relaxing at our adult only pool.

If you decide to head out on our excursion to the traditional Fijian village, the correct way to address the chief is 'Ni Sa Bula Vinaka Saka.'

2. Vacava tiko? – This means 'how are you?' – Practise saying it out loud as 'Vaka-tha-va tiko' following on from 'bula'.

3. Moce – Another useful and extremely easy word to say while enjoying your trip translates to 'goodbye' and is pronounced 'mo-they.'

4. Vinaka – Translating to 'thank you' and pronounced 'vinahka', this common Fijian word is useful to say when someone has done something for you.

5. Kerekere – Teaching children the importance of manners, no matter where they are is nothing but a good thing. Meaning please and said as 'kerry-kerry', it's a handy word to know.

Your kids will have so much fun at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort.Your kids will have so much fun at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort.

6. Io – Short, but sweet, this translates to 'yes' and is pronounced as 'Ee-yo.'

7. Sega – Following on from yes, you guessed it, this means 'no.' Say it out loud as 'senga.'

8. Kana Vinaka – Translating to 'the food is very good' and pronounced 'kahna vinahka', say this phrase after finishing your delicious dinners at the resort.

9. Ni sa moce – Pronounced 'ni sah mothay', this simply means 'goodbye/goodnight.'

10. Sota tale – Said as 'soh-tah-tah-lay', this means 'see you again', to which we look forward to having you back for another spectacular stay at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort.

For more information on how we can make your 5-star family holiday in Fiji the best yet, click here.

3 reasons why your kids will love the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort

Going on holiday with your children can be an unforgettable experience and create memorable moments to last a lifetime. However, some parents may worry that once at their holiday destination, there may not be enough child-friendly activities to keep the little ones entertained.

With the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, boredom simply isn't an option. Our 5-star Fiji resort is located next to a clean, safe and stunning beach in the Savusavu area, creating endless sun-filled adventures, perfect for your children.

Discover three reasons why your kids will love the Jean Michel-Cousteau Resort and get ready for a fantastic family vacation like no other!

1. Bula Club

If you're travelling with children under the age of 12, be sure to tell them all about our world famous and award-winning Bula Club. Bula meaning 'health' and 'happiness' defines just what our kids club is all about – having lots of safe, action-packed fun. Each child will be assigned a buddy or personal nanny, depending on their age, where they can be looked after to the highest quality.

Now, to the fun stuff. Watch as your kids splash in their own, private pool complete with a water slide, take part in age-tailored activities where they can get stuck into arts and crafts, explore coral reefs and even learn how to cook tasty and traditional Fijian food while making a new, great group of friends.

Don't feel guilty about leaving the kids for an afternoon, once acquainted with our incredible staff members and buddies, they'll be having fun before you can say 'see you soon.' As they spend time burning off energy, pull up a seat by the adult pool, order in a cocktail and enjoy your afternoon in the sun.

Your kids will love our in-house Bula Club.Your kids will love our in-house Bula Club.

2. Complimentary excursions

Although the Jean Michel-Cousteau Resort has plenty of family-friendly activities in the resort itself, we also appreciate that Savusavu and its surroundings are full of incredible things to do, too. With this in mind, we happily offer a fantastic range of complimentary excursions for our guests to enjoy. Depending on the day of the week, find a different trip to take the whole family on.

Immerse yourselves in island culture as you visit the traditional Fijian village of Nukubalavu, where you'll meet the village chief and other residents, learn about daily life and watch ceremonies and dance presentations.

Take a break from the sea and pool to visit one of the island's most incredible waterfalls. Hike through the lush, tropical rainforest and listen out for the native birdlife before discovering the hidden waterfall, complete with its very own jungle pool! Take a refreshing swim in the natural water as you dip in and out of the falling stream.

There's also kayaking, glass-bottom boat tours, farmers markets and much, much more to enjoy, too!

Try and spot Nemo while snorkeling!Try and spot Nemo while snorkelling!

3. Snorkelling

Speaking of water activities, the Jean Michel-Cousteau Resort sits on the bay of the stunning, crystal clear South Pacific Ocean, making for extraordinary snorkelling opportunities. Our resident marine biologist, Johnny Singh, hosts dedicated family snorkelling trips to allow everyone to get in on the action. If you thought Nemo was only found on your television, think again. Find colourful corals, over a thousand different species of fish and of course, Clown fish.

Each child will receive their own, personal Jean-Michel Cousteau passport to fill with stamps as they complete our numerous cultural and marine activities.

With so many incredible things for children to get involved with at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, you can guarantee a fun-filled family holiday will be had by all.