What to see when you go diving at Jean Michel-Cousteau Resort

The 5 star Fiji resort of Jean Michel-Cousteau is privileged to have the world class Namena Reserve dive site on the shores of the resort's pearly white beach.

Visitors of the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort have the opportunity to get up close and personal to the incredible marine life – whether a beginner or an experienced diver – in one of Fiji's top diving spots.

From night diving to certified beginners courses, there are plenty of packages and opportunities to see some of the best marine life. Here's a snippet into some of the things you can find under the waves of the Namena Reserve.

What will you see?

With over 4000 square miles of coral reef spanning Fiji and its islands, diving encounters promise to be unique and different every single time. In just a 40 minute boat ride, yourself and the other small team of divers will be plunging into crystal clear waters ready to join the abundant marine life.

If it's colour that you're after, the Namena Reserve has it all. Find blue-ribbon eels, red snapper and soft corals depicting every hue of the rainbow – over 400 to be precise.

Every stroke rewards you with highly saturated ocean scenes, that could be straight out of a Pixar animation. Like a scene from Finding Nemo, discover Palette Surgeonfish (Dory) and Clown Fish (Nemo) flitting in and out of coral and plant life.

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Get your camera ready

If you're after bigger fish to fry, the Namena Reserve is known to deliver on the larger end of the fish scale, too. The dive site happens to be a popular, migratory pathway for cetaceans such as Bottlenose and Spinner dolphins along with Sperm, Minke and Humpback whales! Be sure to have your GoPro at the ready for unmissable moments and photo opportunities.

Sharks can also be spotted but do not fear, the species which reside in the waters are extremely shy and are more scared of you, than you of them! If you're eagle eyed, you might find Hammerheads, White-tip and Grey reef sharks. Tiger, Bull and Silver-tip sharks are not uncommon either, but again, you'll have to be vigilant.

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A firm favourite of divers in the Namena Reserve are the turtles which can sometimes be spotted here. Four of the world's seven species of turtle can be found in Fiji and these creatures aren't scared of a friendly selfie or two.

With such a recognised piece of paradise on the doorstep of the Jean Michel-Cousteau Resort, exploring this dive site couldn't be easier. For more information on our extensive packages, click here.

Fun beach games to play with the whole family

With some of the most family friendly, clean and pristine beaches on the doorstep of our 5 star Fiji resort, having fun in the sun has never been easier! Just a shell's throw away from your accommodation at Jean-Michel Cousteau is a great stretch of Savusavu sand waiting for you and your family.

When you need a break from catching rays, why not try your hand at this list of fun beach games for the whole family?

Sand mermaids/merman

Building sand castles is an age old tradition that every child and adult has partaken in over the years. Step it up a notch and turn those sand castles into life-size mysteries of the ocean – mermaids and mermen! Use seaweed for hair, shells for scales and other natural items found on the beach for your projects. Give your mermaid a name, create an adventurous story and don't forget to snap a selfie with your mer-crew once done.

Water bucket relay

Inspired by another classic, the water bucket relay takes its concept from the egg and spoon race. Super simple to play, all you'll need are four players, two buckets and two cups or other utensils capable of holding small amounts of water. Nominate two of the four players to hold the bucket on top of their heads and the other two to be the carriers of the water. The kids may find it more fun to do the latter because children love to race! The bucket holders must line up about 10 – 15 metres from the ocean and the carriers must race back and forth between the sea, using their cups to transport water to the buckets. The winners are the ones whose bucket is filled first! Word of warning, prepare to get wet!

Have fun in the sun with our list of beach games.Have fun in the sun with our list of beach games.

Beach ball race

This game isn't restricted to a certain amount of players and in fact, the bigger the teams, the merrier! Find a section of the beach that has a slight slope into the water and from there, prepare to scoop some sand! Each team is given one ping pong ball and must dig a channel from the starting point with the aim of filling said tunnel with water to get the ping pong ball into the sea! The winners are the first ones to travel their ball into the ocean. Get ready to catch your ping pong ball at the end to not lose it to the waves!

Keeping up with the little ones' energy can be a tough feat at times. Why not let our trusted team of nannies and buddies take the reigns in our renowned Bula Kids Club? It's a fantastic way for children to make friends and have their own adventures, while you enjoy a well needed break by the pool. For more information on this complimentary service, visit the Jean-Michel Cousteau site.

Top alternatives to lying on a beach all day

Although lying on a pristine, white sand beach all day on your luxury couples vacation in Fiji is a complete vacation dream come true, sometimes it's nice to take a break and see what other adventures are out there. After all, you're going to want to make the most of your time on the beautiful island of Vanua Levu!

With an abundance of activities to get involved in and stunning scenery to soak up, check out our top alternatives to lying on a beach all day.

Visit Nukubalavu

Just one of the resort's complimentary off-site excursions, a visit to the traditional Fijian village of Nukubalavu is definitely worth the trip. Spend an afternoon meeting the village chief of Savusavu and learning about the life of the people who reside here. Immerse yourself in the culture as you watch energetic traditional dances and view artistic craft demonstrations such as mat and basket weaving. Mingle with the children and adults of the village for a truly unique Fijian experience.

Stroll around Savusavu farmers market

If spending a lazy morning wandering around stalls brimming with exotic foods and hand-crafted goodies is your thing, you'll be sure to want to head to Savusavu's renowned market. Attracting people from far and wide, it's the best way to feel like a local. Prepare to fill your basket with fresh goods and produce – some you may never have seen before too!

Find spices, fish caught that morning and other delicious foods. Saturday is one of the busiest market days and if you want the best seafood, be sure to get in early. The market is also a great place to purchase authentic gifts. Watch as the women weave your basket right there and then or purchase some traditional jewellery for a complete one of a kind souvenir.

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Head out on a diving excursion

Vanua Levu is world famous for it's diving with some of the most colourful and pristine coral life beneath our waters. Whether you're a newcomer or an expert in diving, here at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, we have got your 'what to do in Fiji' questions well and truly answered with our various underwater packages.

We offer diving excursions to the incredibly beautiful Namena marine reserve – home to over a thousand species of fish and hundreds of different coral life. Explore the multi-coloured, enchanting environment and don't be surprised to swim across dolphins and even humpback whales! If you want to take your diving skills to a whole new level, why not join one of our experienced instructors as you enjoy earning a certified qualification? Offering various packages, there is something for everyone at the Cousteau Dive Centre.

Join a pearl farm tour

Unlike any farm you may have visited before, J. Hunter Pearl Farm showcases just where this popular jewellery choice really comes from. Hop onto a glass bottom boat and get set to discover the science and production that goes into the sustainable farming of the pearls. A truly unique experience, the excursion allows for visitors to witness the black-lipped oysters lining the bottom of the shore and just how the shining gems make their way to the finished products. If seeing pearls in their natural habitat has got you wanting to add to your jewellery collection, a stop off in the showroom afterward allows you to do just that.

After all that sightseeing and exploring, a rest is well and truly deserved. Where better to unwind and relax than at your 5 star Fiji resort? Complete with world class spa treatments, pier side dinners and in-house activities, there is plenty to do on your stay here. Contact the team at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort to find out how we can make your romantic Fiji getaway the best it can possibly be.

Hire your very own private island paradise for the day

Dreaming of a private island getaway filled with sun, sand and tropical vibes? Of course you are. Turn those dreams into reality at Jean-Michel Cousteau. Not only are we a five-star Fiji resort on the simply stunning Savusavu island, we have a secret ingredient to make your couples holiday one to remember for years to come: our very own private island.

Make your trip one to remember

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Yes, you heard correctly. Naviavia is a secluded and picture-perfect island just a short boat ride away from our main resort which can be yours – and only yours – for a half or whole day of complete privacy.

Treat your loved one to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as you take the time to explore, relax and revel in Naviavia's pristine paradise. Just under an acre in size, don't worry about bumping into anyone else – once we've dropped you off, we'll leave you with a delicious picnic, beach necessities and whatever else you require to enjoy the white sands completely by yourselves.

Not only do we think that Naviavia is a trip worth taking, a lot of our past guests do so too:

"We were taken by a few staff members to a private island for a few hours. I've done this before in Australia but this was just the most spectacular place with crystal blue water, palm trees and white sand for miles!" writes one TripAdvisor reviewer.

"As for paid excursions, I highly recommend the private island trip. We had a fantastic time snorkelling, sipping coconuts and having the whole island to ourselves", says another.

Discover the colourful sea life

Spend your time unwinding on the fine-grained white sands on the beach with the occasional break to cool off in the shimmering shallow waves. Wade out a little deeper to discover endless snorkelling opportunities – with incredible soft corals, the waters around Vanua Levu are some of the best in the world! Keep an eye out for fish of every colour such as butterflyfish and wrasse, you might even find your very own Nemo along the way! 

Back on dry land, listen to the Fiji Parrotfinch and the island's other exotic bird life serenade you as you feast on your scrumptious prepared hamper of goodies. With so many ways to spend your time, you simply have to see it to believe it and trust us, you'll want to.

Jean-Michel Cousteau has it all

Whether you stay until sundown or for a breakfast experience like no other, we can create the perfect island package for you and your loved one. After sailing back to the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, enjoy the rest of your time making the most of our facilities and couple experiences.

If you're looking to take your romantic Fiji getaway to a new level of love, here at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, we've got you covered. Contact us to find out why we should be your only choice when booking your next getaway.

How to spend the perfect day on a family holiday in Fiji


Bula! Welcome to the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort. If you and the kids are after a little Savusavu inspiration to see just how special we can make your luxury family holiday in Fiji, look no further than our stunning five star resort. No matter your length of stay, there is so much to see and do to make your family holiday one to remember.

From morning through to night, find out just how special your time on the island can be.


Yadra, vacava tiko? Learning a few traditional phrases, such as ‘good morning, how are you?’ whilst in Fiji is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture of the island. Practise this common expression while enjoying your freshly prepared breakfast buffet and a la carte items. Once full, happy and completely looked after by the resort staff, take in one last view of the bay and get ready for some action-packed adventures.

Beach activities

Famed for its tropical and warm weather, why not burn off some energy before the midday sun, at the beach? Nestled on the pristine shores of the bay, stroll the short path down to the sand with inflatables, beach games and smiles in tow. Vanua Levu is renowned for its rainbow coloured coral life and exotic fish species. Bring your snorkels and try your best to find Nemo and his friends. If you’re after more adventure, speak to a member of the team about our boat trips a little further afield for more snorkelling and diving action.

If your kids are a little young to head out diving, the fun doesn’t have to stop. Simply jump on board our glass bottom boat for a ride over the clear waters to discover our colourful marine life and corals. Fun for all, it’s a great morning well spent.

Have endless fun with your family here in Fiji.Have endless fun with your family here in Fiji.

Visit the farmers market

Back on dry land, head on over to Savusavu’s traditional farmers market for a dose of culture and a whole host of delicious goodies. Spend an hour or two strolling the many stalls of fresh produce and watch as the women craft baskets, goods and gifts for brilliant souvenirs to take home. Just one of the complimentary excursions from the resort, speak to a staff member about joining in the fun.

A bite to eat

Phew! All of that splashing in the waves and strolling around the village is thirsty and hungry work. Head on into the bar for a refreshing cocktail (soft drink for the kids) and get ready for a scrumptious bite to eat. With several a la carte menu options for lunch, there is certainly something delicious for all tastes. Enjoy incredible views with equally incredible food. Best Fiji resort? We certainly think so.

Bula Club

Our Bula Club for kids is a great option for when mum and dad want a little down time and the kids want to put all of that energy to good use. The separate area of the resort includes water slides, pool, various activities and programmes, as well as a nanny and buddy system and best part is, it’s complimentary. The kids will have so much fun meeting new friends, and in the best hands possible, you won’t have to worry as you sip cocktails by the pool.

Dinner time

At Jean-Michel Cousteau, we have plenty of options for dinner. One of the most memorable is our traditional Fijian ‘Lovo’ Feast which happens every week at the resort. Similarly to a Maori Hangi, our in-house chef, Raymond Lee, prepares each dish in a fire pit, which is then covered with banana leaves. Incredibly tender, flavourful and a delight to witness, the whole family will enjoy this theatrical and traditional dinner.

For a 5 star family holiday in Fiji to remember, don’t hesitate in bringing yourselves and the kids to our fantastic and hospitable resort. Call now for more information and bookings.