Why is the Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji resort just perfect for a romantic getaway?

Romance. It's a notion that has fascinated humankind for time immemorial. Books have been written, songs have been sung and movies made all about falling in love – it's an emotion that comes to all of us. Romance can strike at any time, unexpectedly, and there's often very little we can do about it – this is a good thing! It doesn't matter whether you're embarking on a fledgling relationship with that special someone you met only a few weeks ago, or you've recently celebrated your ruby wedding anniversary – the flame of romance continues to burn bright.

There's no better way to treat the love of your life than a surprise trip away to the tropical shores of Fiji, but you'll want to make sure you choose a resort best suited for a romantic sojourn. This is where the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort comes in – when it comes to romance, nobody does it better than us. Here's why.

Become a romantic castaway

Aside from covering your king-size bed with a dozen red roses on Valentine's Day whilst reciting a Shakespearean love sonnet, what could be more romantic than your very own private island? Short of being marooned by a shipwreck, you may think this a distinct improbability, but with Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, we can really make it happen.

With a glass of the good stuff in your hand and sky turning a rich shade of orange, nothing on Earth can shatter the romance of Naviavia.

Our private island is named Naviavia, and it's a little under half a hectare in size. This means it's small enough to offer a sense of seclusion, but large enough to explore with your partner – with no one else in sight. That's right – you'll have the island completely to yourself, with just the golden sands, gently lapping waves and sea breeze for company. You and your partner will be completely left to your own devices, but if you so wish, we'll prepare a picnic for the two of you to enjoy as the sun sinks into the Pacific. With a glass of the good stuff  in your hand and the sky turning a rich shade of orange, nothing on Earth can shatter the romance of Naviavia.   

A honeymoon from heaven

There are several famous honeymoon destinations around the world. Paris (known affectionately as the 'City of Love'), the Greek islands and New York all feature highly on anyone's list of romantic honeymoon destinations, but Fiji offers that little bit more for newly-weds.

The Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is the quintessential island getaway. This is the the kind of place that would not look out of place in a child's storybook – azure skies, softs sands and a shimmering blue ocean that extends far into the horizon. At our resort, you can enjoy gentle strolls arm-in-arm along an empty beach, take a walk along a secluded pier granting you exquisite views, or even get your adventure on and snorkel beneath the waves – who knows what weird and wonderful wildlife you might discover in the crystal-clear waters? 

A wonderful wedding

Before your honeymoon, of course, comes the wedding. In this modern day and age, a traditional church wedding doesn't have to be your go-to choice when the time comes to say 'I do.' These days, the blissful beach wedding is steadily growing in popularity, and it's easy to see why. At Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, our elegant wedding ceremonies are the kind of occasions that will linger in the memory forever.

You and your guests can toast the occasion with a sumptuous gourmet dinner, finished off with fine Champagne under the watchful glow off countless stars overhead.

Picture the scene. You wake up on the morning of your wedding on the resplendent island of Vanua Levu. After a refreshing breakfast, the time has come to make your vows in a traditional Fijian ceremony – we told you that it'd be an occasion to remember! On a private stretch of unspoiled Pacific beach, two Fijian warriors will carry the bride gracefully across the sand to her groom. Time-honoured Fijian instruments will play throughout the ceremony, with a gorgeous backdrop that will make for the most fantastic of photos.

Once the ceremony is over, your special day certainly isn't. You and your guests can toast the occasion with a sumptuous gourmet dinner, finished off with fine Champagne under the watchful glow off countless stars overhead – what could be more romantic?

Be sure to get in touch with the friendly, helpful team at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort to find out more about our romantic Fijian getaways – love will certainly be in the air!

Learn to scuba dive on your Fijian holiday


The ability to scuba dive can unlock a whole new underwater world, where you can get up close and personal with beautiful corals and a raft of marine life. Once you have your diver’s certification, it can act like a passport and take you diving around the world, including in the beautiful waters of Fiji.

However, if you haven’t gotten around to getting certified, you’ll be glad to know you have the chance to do so at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort in Savusavu. We offer a number of different courses from the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, otherwise known as PADI, that will equip you with the skills and confidence to enjoy diving.

What kind of courses does the resort offer?

The Cousteau Dive Centre caters to all different levels of divers, from beginners to those looking for their next adventure. We can also tailor programmes to suit the specific needs of our guests, so feel free to enquire about finding the right courses for you.

Our PADI dive courses are taught by expert instructors with thousands of hours of experience underwater. They have all been hand-picked by oceanographer Jean-Michel Cousteau and work with the latest, high quality equipment.

Gain an exciting qualification on holiday in Fiij. Gain an exciting qualification on holiday in Fiij.

Jean-Michel Cousteau Diving in Savusavu offers unparalleled access to some of the world’s most spectacular dive sites and pristine coral reefs. Under the direction of Jean-Michel Cousteau, our PADI-certified scuba diving excursions explore excellent dive sites just 10-20 minutes away by boat.

We cater to all experience levels, offering calm, shallow sites for beginners, with walls and gently sloping coral gardens, and night, boat and drift diving for the more advanced. We are also fortunate enough to have resort resident marine biologist, the renowned Johnny Singh as a guide for a number of our dives – enriching your understanding and experience of Fiji’s incredible marine ecosystem.

Explore the soft coral capital of the world on a scuba diving excursion. Explore the soft coral capital of the world on a scuba diving excursion.

Is there a way to try scuba before signing up to a PADI course?  

If you’ve never tried scuba before, our half day Resort course gives you the chance to do so! Your instructor will teach you about the foundations of scuba diving as well as introducing you to the gear before you get into the pool to learn basic scuba skills.

How long does it take to get PADI certified? 

As the world’s most popular dive program, the Open Water course is your ticket to the big blue sea. In order to fulfil the requirements of the PADI Open Water course, you’ll need a minimum of three days, however we find guests usually take about 4-5 days to comfortably complete it. However, you can also complete the online component ahead of time to fast track the process once you’re here. Gear will be included for participants.

Scuba diving certification opens up a whole world of diving opportunities. Scuba diving certification opens up a whole world of diving opportunities.

Do you have any advanced scuba courses? 

If you are already PADI certified, you can join our Advanced Open Water course to further your knowledge. Over the space of five dives, you’ll hone your skills to make diving even more enjoyable.

We also provide a Rescue Diving, as well as a Nitrox course. If you’d like to take the first step towards your professional dive training, you can also tackle the Divemaster course. You’ll work on rescue skills as well as refining what you already know to become an even better diver.

Can kids try scuba? 

Kids love our fun intro to scuba course! Kids love our fun intro to scuba course!

Yes! Our Seal team course conducted in the pool is designed for children aged 8-10 and incorporates many of the skills that one learns during the open water certificate course. Young divers will get the chance to put their faces in the water and try breathing through a regulator in a safe environment while wearing a life jacket. We also have our Bubble Maker course aimed at the same age group which offers kids a taste of scuba diving.

If your child is 10 years and over, they can alternatively complete the Junior PADI Open Water Certificate.

You can find out more about our courses and pricing here, otherwise don’t hesitate to get in touch to enquire about diving certification.