The Bula Club: The Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort’s superb children’s program

There are few things in life more enriching to a child's mind than exploring a part of the planet unfamiliar to them. Travel can teach children how other people live, immerse them in a new and exciting culture, and open their minds to the possibilities that learning about the world can bring.

At the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, we strongly believe that educating the children of today will set us up for a brighter tomorrow, which is why we have organised the Bula Club – an award-winning program open to all little ones holidaying with us. The Bula Club is complimentary, so parents don't need to worry about having to pay extra to take part.

Let's take a look at what the Bula Club is all about.

Bula. An all-encompassing, friendly word that shows that all are welcome!

'Bula'. It's a word that is heard on every beach and down every street in Fiji, but do you know what it means? It has its origins deeply embedded in Fijian culture, and if there's only one word you'll want to learn when visiting Fiji, it's this one. It can mean hello, welcome, love – everything that embodies the spirit of these beautiful islands. This is why we have named our children's club after this wonderful word – an all-encompassing, friendly phrase that shows that all are welcome!

How does the Bula Club work?

When you and your family arrive at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, little ones will be assigned either a 'nanny' (if they are under five) or a 'buddy' (if they are aged between six and 12). Buddies will take care of up to five children, whereas nannies will give their complete care and attention to just one child. With your children under the watchful eye of our nannies and buddies, you'll be free to enjoy the sights, sounds and secrets of these islands without worry. Whether that be exploring the world beneath the waves with one of our diving packages, unravelling the knots via yoga or spa, or simply strolling along the sand, the Bula Club will allow you the freedom of a romantic holiday – with the children enjoying themselves just as much!

One of the core values of the Bula Club is to help nurture and expand your children's perspective of the beauty of the planet we live on. We want to educate and inform, showing young ones how to build a better understanding of nature, wildlife, the Earth's resources and everything in-between. The Bula Club is home to a great raft of exciting, diverse activities – below, you can read about a few of them.

Take a dip in calm Fijian waters while the Bula Club looks after your children.Take a dip in calm Fijian waters while the Bula Club looks after your children.

Where will you find the Bula Club?

The Bula Club is found just a few minutes' walk from the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort's main building and bures (traditional Fijian huts). Passing through the Bula Club's gates is to seemingly enter another world – one designed purely for the recreation and entertainment of children.

Inside, you'll find a children's fun pool (complete with a waterslide), a jungle gym, a zip line, trampoline and all sorts of other great activities. There's even an arts and crafts centre to ignite your child's bubbling creativity, so little ones can never get bored within, especially if they take part in one of the many programs on offer – let's have a look at these and see which might interest your kids!

Get with the program

At the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, we run two separate programs, based on age, each of which are chock-a-block with diverse activities for both kids and parents alike to enjoy. For children up to five years of age, there is the 'Lei Lei' program, and for youngsters aged between six and 12, the 'Marau' program.

Each has been created with the ages of the children in mind, and is aimed at mental stimulation as well as a big heap of fun. Your children can learn a whole host of skills across the variety of activities, from preparing food, to planting crops.

Passing through the Bula Club's gates is to seemingly enter another world.

To illustrate this, children who are part of the Marau group can participate in our Junior Chef's program.  This is more than just a cooking course for youngsters, however. Participants will pay a visit to our resort's very own Organic Garden, where they will harvest produce and help prepare and deliver lunch and dinner over the course of the day. At the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, we're big believers in the idea of farm-to-plate transparency, and we'll endeavour to teach your children about this worthwhile concept, too!

This healthy eating notion is carried over to the dining area of the Bula Club. Children can choose to have dinner or lunch with fellow young guests in friendly, fun surroundings, enjoying dishes that they themselves may have helped create. We make a big point of using only the freshest and most nutritious of ingredients, so you can rest assured your child will be getting a wholesome meal at the Bula Club. 

You'll want to come to Fiji to relax - and with your children engaged at the Bula Club, that's exactly what it will be.You'll want to come to Fiji to relax – and with your children engaged at the Bula Club, that's exactly what it will be.

Taking care of your children

The guys and girls at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort know that holidays should be about fun and excitement, but we also understand the need to take a break from your little ones every now and then. This is why the Bula Club has a strong emphasis on childcare. When you are assigned a nanny at the beginning of your time with us, you can let them know about any special requirements that your child may have so that their time away from you passes smoothly and without any issue or worry.

If you fancy a glass of wine or two in the evening with your partner but are worried about leaving the children, fear not.

You can advise your nanny of everything from nap schedules through to downtime, as well as how long they may be allowed to spend playing on a device, safe in the knowledge that your instructions will be followed to the letter. If you fancy a glass of wine or two in the evening with your partner but are worried about leaving the children, fear not. As soon as you have them safely tucked up in bed, the nanny will relieve you, leaving you a romantic few hours to explore Fiji with your loved one.

To find out more about the Bula Club and the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort as a whole, be sure to get in touch with our friendly, helpful team – we look forward to hearing from you. Bula!